Oodles of Noodles and French Toast

6 03 2009

Yesterday 3-5-09

I did resistance training at the gym, back, biceps, abs and hamstrings, and I did speedwork on the treadmill … 4 miles worth. I have always based my running on distance vs. time instead of running for a certain amount of minutes. This is totally from track days in high school, we would run 400’s or 200’s or 100’s (meters) or pyramids of those distances or combinations etc. and we would usually have the same amount to recover. So using that idea, on the treadmill it’s easy to bump up my speed every 1/4 mile ( 400 m). Knowing that I finished 1/4 mile is more motivating to me, I know I can do that distance and it makes the “mile” go faster as well.

Bottom line, be it minutes, covering the minutes, focusing on the distance, zoning out, Whatever works for you is what is most important because its exercise for a healthy YOU!

Studied for principles exam


Dinner with Andrea is always an instant boost for me! We tried out this new place here, Noodles. It was AWESOME! I had something totally out of the ordinary-
( like my camera/hand shadow ?)

Japanese Udon Noodles with Sauteed Beef ! It was delicious and came with a small green salad on the side. ( in these noodles were sauteed mushrooms, carrots, broccoli and black sesame seeds with sprouts on top)

This place lists their nutrition information on their take out menu’s ( partly) for calories in the small noodle dishes, salads, soups, and their sodium , and their carbohydrates, and their fat grams. It is an easier way to gage just how much is in what you eat!

I will definitely go back because it is really convenient and pretty cheap and fast and delicious!

Today, 3-6-09


I started my day with a little yoga, after all soon I will be starting my day with the 30 day Shred Challenge so I should get used to waking up to exercise again!

I’m not sure if I will take a rest day or not- the past couple days I was thinking I would need to rest but I have felt really fantastic so I will rest when needed!


Study study study


I kind of want to just drive to the beach for the heck of it… 2 hour drive… we’ll see. šŸ˜‰

Pumpkin French Toast with Foster’s-style banana and Ricotta-pumpkin filling
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12 responses

6 03 2009

You always make the BEST French toast – holy yum!!

6 03 2009
Lesley Borger

Can I please have some of your french toast … it always sounds SO delicious!!

Have a GREAT Friday, Lauryl!! : )

6 03 2009

I am jealous of your proximity to a beach! Enjoy that drive, if you take it šŸ™‚

6 03 2009

i can never get over your french toast! you never cease to amaze me šŸ™‚

6 03 2009

OH wow, french toast – YUMMM!M!!!

6 03 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

Noodles looks and sounds so tasty and healthy!
Great workout. Your runs always motivate me to do better. I have a 4-miler on the schedule for Sunday and I’m really nervous but I am determined to do it!

6 03 2009

Yay! New blog friend! So glad you checked out my blog and I am honored to be on your blog roll! I’m totally putting you on mine šŸ™‚ Your pumpkin french toast is making me drooool.

Luna Sunrise = blech.
Mug is from Orcas Island Pottery in Washington State. I’m glad you like it! I loooove it.

Can’t wait to keep up with you!

7 03 2009

I was just thinking I was missing seeing all your french toast and then there it is! Ricotta pumpkin filling – ahh! Sounds amazing. I have been veryyy into ricotta lately!

7 03 2009

that noodles place looks really good.

7 03 2009
Hangry Pants

I never did track, so I guess that’s why I don’t mind going by time or mileage. I swtich back and forth I guess.

Nice use of ricotta.

7 03 2009

oh my gracious that french toast looks DIVINEEEEE


hows the hand feelin/

7 03 2009

hi hun
that breakfast looks soo good šŸ™‚
and sounds like a great run!
have a wonerful day

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