no plan

5 03 2009

Hey yall!
Has anyone else had problems opening up my site at work or elsewhere? Other than your work not allowing this site on their server, Does anyone know what I can do on my end to change that?

He’s Just Not that Into you was cute! I got teary eyed once regarding Ben Affleck and Jennifer Aniston but I won’t give away anything! My friend and I found ourselves feeling SOOOO uncomfortable during alot of the scenes because you live through dating woes or sitauations just like they portray in the movie like that or you can see what the actors are going to do and I kept just thinking “oh goodness NO DON’T DO THAT! ahh! I can’t believe she said that… how awkward! ” 

But it was overall a fun, cute movie- not award winning- but I didn’t expect that either!

1 BLOG 003

(breakfast was chobani blueberry, cereal, frozen fruit heated up, some dried cranberries, almonds and a little peanut butter)

So I don’t have a plan for today

I just want to be free from distress, free from hostility, free from affliction and to live happily with compassion.




8 responses

5 03 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

No problems loading the site here!
No plan days are sometimes the best ones 😀

5 03 2009
Lesley Borger

I’m at work, no problems here : )

I want to live like that, too!

5 03 2009

No problems opening the site!!

Glad you liked the films!!

5 03 2009

Enjoy your day of freedom!

And I haven’t had any issues either.

5 03 2009

yummy eats so far 🙂
thank you so much for all your sweet supportive comments 🙂
have a wonderful day mdear!

5 03 2009

No problems for me! Love the breakfast!

6 03 2009

Oh wow, love it!!!!!

6 03 2009

Thanks everyone! I’m not sure what was up either, but I really appreciate you getting back to me!

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