Hump Day was Happy

5 03 2009

So I got home from the gym after a long super sweaty run and downed this guy faster than I made him:
1 BLOG 007
3/4 scoop pure protein
1 dannon light immunity shot
4 pieces of frozen pineapple
4 frozen cherries
1/2 banana

I topped it with wheat germ because I forgot to throw it in pre mix- but I liked it on top! It gave it an extra little something!
1 BLOG 008
(That was with two gulps gone)…After my shower, I was struck by the bottomless pit feeling so I used the other half of banana and made my self a pb & j & b on whole wheat.

Caro and I stopped for coffee pre-movie and I got: a reg coffee with a sugar free caramel pump- and a splash of half and half- i know- totally out of the ordinary for me but yummy treat!

 1 BLOG 001

Dinner: I threw together one of my usual favorites.. boneless skinless chicken breasts, whole wheat noodles and tomato sauce. When I opened the sauce i sliced my finger! ouch, not stitch worthy but still..ouch
1 BLOG 002

update * Body:
Ran 6.2 miles and warmed up with 1 mile walk. I ran a steady pace and did the magazine cover up /flip through too. I only bring it up because it totally keeps my mind busy at a slower pace. When I run for speed, the speed motivates me. I know I can go really fast but I need some motivation to push myself with a longer distance so covering up the numbers works well. Plus, I can stare away at cute outfits or celebs or recipes and flip as needed.

On the way home from my run, my check engine light popped on in my car! blah! I didn’t want to change plans with Caroline, so I am going to take in later today or tomorrow to see whats up



He’s Just Not That Into You… and shoe shopping!

I cant type one handed so see yall in the morning when my finger doesnt hurt as much!




9 responses

5 03 2009

LOVE ww pasta with huge globs of tomato sauce & cheese 🙂 delicious

i want to see Hes Just Not That Into You so bad!

5 03 2009

Great eats!!

5 03 2009

Oh wow, pasta looks amazing!

5 03 2009

awwww im sorry about the damn can!!

the pasta looks so so so good though, quite delish and scrumptious indeed.

is adorable.
so jealous right now.

and does your magazine technique really work wonders!?!

i need some good running tips pleasssee!!

i really want to get past my 5 miles. but thats the most i can ever do!
i just shut down after that!
how often should i run? i don’t want to over do my knees or anything

gotta pee!


5 03 2009

Every time I open your blog it shuts down my internet explorer??? I’m not sure whats up but if I go directly to your comments, it doesn’t seem to do it! I hope you don’t think I’m ignoring you- I am going to work on it.

5 03 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

Run + pasta dinner. You are definitely my balance role model 🙂

I saw your comment on another blog about speedwork. I was trying 2 minute intervals for my sprints and it was just too long for me. Do you think I can still benefit from a shorter sprint time? I really want to get my speed up and I know I have to do speedwork for that but I just hate it!

5 03 2009

Shoe shopping truly is good for the soul. No pun intended 😉

5 03 2009
Sweet and Fit

eeks! sorry you cut your finger! but your pasta looks amazing! I’m so glad you saw Hes Just Not That Into You – I have been dying to see it, hopefully you’ll let us know what you think of it =)

5 03 2009
Healthy Hunter

That pasta looks delicious…might have to make some for myself tonight : )

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