Seared Ahi Tuna with Red Pepper Garlic Aioli and Farro

4 03 2009

Sounds impressive, tastes phenomenal, but it was easy and cheap as usual!
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Seared Ahi Tuna

They were on sale at Lowes’ for $4.99 a pound, so I grabbed a pack which had 4 servings but 2 full steaks.

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I put about two teaspoons of oil (smart balance) into the skillet, and then crumbled a Bumble Bar into the oil, allowing the sesame seeds and flax seed to toast.  ( I thought of this idea because I had two left and was hoping to do something fun with them. I don’t normally like or buy sesame seeds, so it was a cool way to use this product. It added a layer of slight sweetness that carmelized the outside of the tuna too)

I dropped in the tuna steaks, seared them on both sides. Seasoned with a little salt and black pepper. I like when they are still slightly pink inside, otherwise the meat turns out dry and tough. (Sushi grade tuna is usually served raw anyway, right?)

On the side I steamed a bag of frozen green beans ( also on sale at Lowe’s: for $1 for the whole bag!!!!)
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Red Pepper Garlic Ailoi

1 clove garlic, well minced
2 tablespoons of mayo ( I used Smart Balance, seriously should I not work for Smart balance, I use the oil and butter and mayo and now just bought their new peanut butter, too !!?!??!?! )
1 cup greek nonfat yogurt
about 1/4 tsp salt and same amount of pepper ( but to taste)
2 tablespoons roasted red pepper hummus

Mix all ingredients well.
I served mine on the side but I mixed the farro in it for Jeff. I made garlic aioli for french fries in lab two weeks ago and have been wanting to make it ever since! Yum!

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1 cup pre-soaked Farro  ( see my Spinach Pesto Farro for more info on it)
4 cups water
dash of salt

Bring to a boil, simmer on medium for 20 minutes, drain.

Super fast and delicious! I am really satisfied right now and it feels fantastic.

Pre Gym Snack:
Chocolate chip zbar
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It was a little bit of this…
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some brussels…

A little bit of that…

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A little whole wheat couscous and chickpea leftovers.

And a little bit of this..

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Half a peanut butter and grape jelly sammy

And a little bit of that…

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Some toasted , locally grown Kale



70 minute power yoga via yogadownload. It was AWESOME! I can’t believe how “still” I truly felt and totally in sync with my breath. I actually focused on repeating what the instructor kept saying ” May I live happily, May I be free from hostility, May I be free from distress” and then towards everyone else living happily, without hostility, free from stress. I think out of context, I would feel weird thinking that but during my practice it was great way to channel energy and thoughts.

I also headed to the gym but ended up walking for 60 minutes on the treadmill. My knee just didn’t feel like it, not that it was hurt, just needed a little break.

I cleaned out our third bedroom closet which had tons of my clothes in it, and I added more ( Yes more) clothing to piles to give to goodwill, to my friends, and to my sister.

I did laundry and actually put it away and ironed and folded etc-

I played three games of suduko. such a pleasure for me.

I added a few more links to the nutrition course info page AND a few more on the recipe page! 🙂


I wasn’t able to fully shake the weird feeling I woke up with, but the yoga was incredibly helpful. Some of the poses were challenging to hold but I held on to them because I knew that I could, because I needed to be stronger.

I think it is hilarious that The Bachelor has been called ” The most hated man in the U.S today” ( i think that was said on GMA or Extra…). To go back to the yoga Menta:  I hold no hostility towards him. ( haha ) However, I do think what he did was totally not cool. It would be tough to fall in love with 2 people and have to pick 1. However, at the same time, he put himself into that position and so did those ladies. I think everyone deep down KNOWS when you ask someone to marry you- you know it is what you truly truly want and will do anything to make it happen- OR you “think” it is the best decision despite what your “gut” tells you. I think he knew the entire time he really felt more strongly for Molly- so it was a a* hole thing to do to Melissa AND Molly!

I made plans for lunch/girlie movie with a friend tomorrow afternoon- not sure if it will be Bride Wars, Confessions of a Shopaholic, or maybe He’s Just Not That Into You , or … Any suggestions? Which one would you guys choose to see ( again) ?




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4 03 2009

my main woman.

let me tell you that charleston is my 2nd love
but hilton head is by far, hands down without a doubt my first. i’ve been going there for months at a time every summer , many easters & some februarys for the past 18 years.. (including the one i was cooking in the womb)

it truly IS my 2nd home. how i love it so much.

sea pines?
harbor town. oh me oh my.

i just feel the ocean breeze now.

marleys. favorite restaurant. everrrr the fish is FAB!

what about yours?!

oh btw.
your tuna looksss JUST as fab.
the bachelor was confused we all need to cut him slack!
plus i like molly, shes cute with a cute name! hahahah


k love ya womannnnnnnnnnn

4 03 2009


4 03 2009
Marians eats. The italian way

I love your blog and everything you have to say! It’s so awesome! Thanks for the inspiring eats:)

4 03 2009
Hangry Pants

Excellent use of the bumble!

I saw Wedding Crashers and it was cute.

4 03 2009
Hangry Pants

Um I meant Bride Wars. Well, I also saw Wedding Crashers and that was good too.

4 03 2009

That does look very impressive and delish … nice job!! ; )

I haven’t seen any of those movies!! Ha, so you’ll have to let me know which is best ; )

4 03 2009

SHOPAHOLIC! it was sooo cute and i liked it better than hes not that into you, but that was a good little movie too. shopaholic is so good 🙂

well my first 10k is april 19, and my second planned is may 31. ahh! im nervvvv!

and girlllllllllll i am in on the trip! i already packed my sun hat (especially for this trip), sunglasses, and swimsuit. lets hope they put the cute little umberellas in our drink! 🙂

ah i wish we were closer so we could hangggg

4 03 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

That is so creative with the Bumble Bar! The tuna looks perfectly seared.
I haven’t seen Shopaholic yet, but I would recommend He’s Just Not That Into You over Bride Wars for sure. Bride Wars was fine but just fluffy and super predictable.
Thank you again for your thoughtful comments on my blog! They always brighten my day! Re: the non-model eating thing, I didn’t say that because of the calorie count, I meant that I know I should have eaten more produce instead of more sweets! *Sigh*

4 03 2009

glad you are joining me on the shred!!!

4 03 2009

Oh wow, great idea with the bumble bar. I would have never thought of that to do with a bar! And awesome eats!!! delicious!!

5 03 2009

that is such an awesome idea on the dinner w/ the bumble bar!!!!!!!!!! so creative 🙂

5 03 2009
Sweet and Fit

that really does sound impressive! I used to make ahi tuna steaks alot last summer, and they always were still really pink in the middle – I really you think have to cook them on the rare side. I havent seen any of those movies – but I have really been wanting to see Hes Just Not That Into You – hope your week has been going well =)

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