Coconut Curry Thai Fry

3 03 2009


The hip opening yoga was alright, it was a little hard to follow at first because I hadn’t looked at the pose guide- so after I looked at that- I was good to go. I think my favorite will be the detox based on the pose guide I glanced at today.

Run: I ran a steady, paced 6.5 miles after warming up by walking a 1/2 mile. It felt just fine but my knees weren’t “awesome” so I stuck to a slower pace.

While I like to do something for my body, mind and soul everyday- I am on spring break from school so part of me feels I should give my mind a rest this week. That would still be doing something for my mind since it could use it temporarily! 🙂

I did flip through two magazines at the gym… 🙂

We’ll see…


Yoga gave me an almost instantaneous boost in my spirit today that was really noticeable even after just 20 minutes! I had felt kinda “blah” yesterday so for sure I knew I wanted to up my yoga practice. I have gotten away from it recently ( at least compared to as often as I used to practice)… I am looking forward to it tomorrow as well. I know it always makes me feel better but I don’t always remember just HOW much better it makes me feel!

The Bachelor season finale! I heard he picked Melissa but it seems like he is totally in to Molly more- I don’t know!?!?!

Here are my Eats:

1 BLOG 013
I had made the other half of tofu ( I did taco tofu yesterday) by rubbing it with a ranch seasoning packet and letting it chill for a day or two. I had found the last of the packet in the cabinet next to the last of the taco seasoning packet and figured I would try out both for fun. I dropped it in the skillet with some black beans and browned it on all sides.

Let me tell you, I thought I liked the taco tofu but the ranch tofu is WAY better!! I really really REALLY  enjoyed this combo!
1 BLOG 011
I also had heated up some farro ( wheatberries/spelt/ etc) on the side which was lovely.

I found this guy on sale at Harris Teeter and really wanted to try it out, 1 BLOG 009
and  the broccoli stir fry veggies were on sale as well so it was perfect! I know I haven’t talked much on here about budget, but I am in graduate school with no job so if you hadn’t guessed, I am a rather tight budget! So I came up with this random idea:

Coconut Curry Broccoli Thai Fry
1 bag broccoli stir fry with snap peas
1 tablespoon of lite soy sauce
1/3 cup Coconut Curry Broth
1 teaspoon all natural peanut butter ( with the oil)
dash of wasabi powder

– Just add to a skillet and stir occasionally until preferred tenderness.
1 BLOG 010

a big old organic naner with peanut butter

1 BLOG 015
1 BLOG 016 

Overall, dinner was super easy and fast and delicious! I made the curry thai fry again but made a whole bag this time and without the black beans. I added about a tablespoon of lite soy sauce at the beginning of cooking. I just let it all simmer for about 15 minutes. It was gorgeous when all the vegetables started getting bright and really vibrant in color.

Jeff grilled steaks that were also a great price this week!
I heated up some frozen brussel sprouts with pepper in the microwave.

We had Hodgson’s Mill Whole Wheat CousCous on the side- I made it according to the package and threw in a can of chick peas after cooking. Man, couscous is WAY easier and WAY faster than rice! It only took boiling water , add in the grain, and 5 minutes of soaking up.

Hmm.. I am totally satisfied! I ate my whole plate too ( approximately 1.5-2 servings of meat, 1.5 servings of grain, 3 servings of vegetables)

Happy Monday!

Does anyone have a super awesome tofu recipe ? Does anyone ever use it to make something sweet and dessert like?




10 responses

3 03 2009

Dinner looks very good!!

Have a great night ; )

3 03 2009
Hangry Pants

Your dinners always look v. well balanced. I need to get on that more.

My ankle is pretty much all better. Thank you for asking.

Looks like you are bachelor psychic!

I really don’t do anything all that creative with tofu, but I would like to.

3 03 2009

love the stir fry! i’ve never seen coconut broth before…have to keep my eye out for it.

3 03 2009

Amaaazing stir-fry!!

Try the Gliding Calm tofu recipes!!

3 03 2009

Dinner looks great. Totally jealous that you’re on break! Enjoy it

4 03 2009

I’ve never made it for a dessert, but I bet you could whip something delicious up! If you do, I would recommend using silken tofu instead of firm. I always use firm to make main meals, but the soft tofu would be better for a dessert (in my opinion!).

9 03 2009

I recognize that plate!

9 03 2009

aww!! HI Preston!! I was so excited when I saw your comment. 🙂 love you!

11 03 2009

Ha! Thought you would be surprised. Hey, check out PJ’s new poetry blog:

I wish I understood poetry more, but I like it anyway…guess I’m a little biased. After all I don’t get all your food/nutrition/running/yoga either but I enjoy reading it. Ah well, I love you so that’s all that really matters.

11 03 2009

I recognize that plate too…cool blog, dude. and thanks for the comment on mine…too nice

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