Going Backwards…

2 03 2009

So right now we are watching the third Lord of The Rings movie, neither of us have seen it and we watched the second earlier today. We are trying to figure out what to do for dinner so it will have to be a surprise for the morning!

Gym- short 30 minute elliptical session just to stay loose and I am going to do some yoga before I go to bed…

I finally got the yoga downloads to work!!  For whatever reason, I have been trying to download them for months now and have been unsuccessful of getting them to download to my computer after getting them into my account. They always freeze mid-download until today! Woohoo!

It has been raining for two+ days straight! Blech! And it is chilly- there are all kinds of winter storm warnings too! We are supposed to get up to 6 inches of snow! I bet everyone has a snow day tomorrow! Since I am on Spring Break, it will be cool if I get to hang out with people normally not on break.

We’ll see!!
Does anyone remember how excited you would get at the chance of a snow day when you were young? Sometimes I would be so excited I couldn’t sleep!

Alright, going backwards from just a few hours ago with a snack to yesterday’s festivities, Here is my food- life in photos:

Chobani Strawberry and Kashi Go Lean
1 BLOG 026

Organic Herb greens with black beans, tofu and veggies ( broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, zuchinni, red pepper, snow peas and a snap pea) with a little Goddess Dressing..

Taco Tofu! I have been marinating extra firm tofu in taco seasoning and lime juice and pressed it under a plate for a two days. I just heated it up in the skillet, flipping it on all its sides.

It was my favorite tofu so far.

1 BLOG 025
1 BLOG 024

Sunday Breakfast
Cinnamon French Toast Triangles with some greek yogurt and blueberries

1 BLOG 022
Saturday Recap:
I had a beer at the fundraiser! It was similar to blue moon, a belgian wheat/white ale called “shocktop” .
1 BLOG 004
We ordered food shortly after because that run had me starving! I ordered a Reuben and split it with Jeff
1 BLOG 006
He had ordered a sampler for the table and I had a fried mushroom from it.
1 BLOG 007
We ended up staying out all night! After they finished the fundraiser we met our other friends at a Sushi Bar.
1 BLOG 015
(Brit, Andrea and Me).
We used to go there quite often but I ended up usually not feeling well, despite ordering non-shellfish containing items. Considering cross contamination is probably highly likely with the rolling and knives etc, it is tough for me to order food there and trust that it had not been prepared on something that already touched shellfish prior.

Long story long, I got a salad with ginger dressing, miso soup and edamame.
1 BLOG 019 1 BLOG 014
I also ordered a Lychee Martini. If you have never had lychee fruits, they tastes very similar to grapefruit but slightly more sweet in comparison. You can get gummy lychee fruits at asian supermarkets I believe, my friend at school always has them and shares with me so hence the inspiration when ordering this guy. I only had a couple sips though and was glad to share the rest with Andrea.
1 BLOG 016
Nate ordered two banana desserts for everyone to share! The banana was tempura fried and there was ice cream and whip cream and chocolate sauce. I was highly disappointed that I only got one bite of a banana and two bites of ice cream even though Tim (Brit’s bf) swears he didn’t get any at all! I would have probably finished one of these desserts entirely on my own had I the opportunity.
1 BLOG 021
After this guy, we headed back to Andrea and Nate’s to play Wii until the Wee hours of the morning.
1 BLOG 013
There was our friend “before” he got his head shaved- too bad I couldn’t get an after shot- he had already left to shower off all the hair clippings! ah well… next year and maybe even Jeff will do it?




5 responses

2 03 2009


I actually just watched all the Lord of the Rings not too long ago for the first time … I felt a bit behind, lol. But I really liked them.

Hope you have a great Monday!

2 03 2009

What a fun weekend- great pics! I want that banana dessert ASAP! I watched the third lord of the rings before I had seen the other two haha. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday night 🙂

2 03 2009

ooh i’ve missed youuuuu! so glad to hear from you! girl you’ve got me drooling over here with that banana dessert. ahh. tempera fried ice cream is amazing too! so glad you got the yoga downloads to work, they are awesome, i love them! thanks for the sweet commentsss xoxo i think i’ve only seen one lord of the rings, but i’ve seen all the harry potters. i hadn’t seen any until last year but my bf became obsessed and watched them ALL year long haha

2 03 2009
Hangry Pants

Lychee Martini and Bluemoon. Take me with you next time!

I already have a snow day for tomorrow!!!!

Things my dad likes that you don’t: making maps and vehicle maintenance?

2 03 2009

Lovely weekend!! I want that banana dessert boat 😀


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