Bhealthier Burger on a Budget

28 02 2009

For dinner I had this idea, instead of making a regular meaty burger or a burger vegetarian style, out of black beans or another meat-less variety, Why not make a burger WITH black beans as a binder AND meat? 

A pound of ground beef is very inexpensive and is a good source of protein, iron, and some vitamins but is also higher in saturated fat and cholesterol ( okay okay among other things that aren’t fantastic, if you go for a burger, this might bhealthier). So, I extended my money even further on the inexpensive ground meat by mixing it with a can of black beans that added fiber to balance the cholesterol and fat !?!
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So I took a serving of black beans and mashed them very well ( I used my spaghetti strainer because I don’t have a potato masher). Then I added in 1/2 pound of ground meat ( I used the 96/4 ). I added a dash of Worchestire, salt and black pepper and mixed all of it really well by hand, forming each patty. I cooked them in a pan ( I added a teaspoon of smart balance oil) on med-low heat till brown inside. This made four patties consisting of 1/8 pound of meat but the volume ( and satiating power) of well over a 1/4 pounder.

Estimating the calories, 1/8 lb of the meat was 60 calories, plus about 25 calories from the black beans- so each patty was only 85 calories and about 16g of protein! They were extremely filling!

These were DELICIOUS !!! I know several bloggers do not eat meat at all but I know lots that do enjoy meat, just not all that often, or have to feed carnivore boyfriends/hubbies. This would be a perfect, easy, inexpensive and like I said, DELICIOUS way to still have some meat. 
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The bun was newmans own double fiber ( because those taste the best to me) and inside was a wedge of light spreadable cheese and mustard, on the side a great big salad ( Ken’s Lite Northern Italian Dressing).

Right now we are sipping and enjoying this…
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I had a snack mid-afternoon of organic kidz applesauce with some cranberries and almonds and cottage cheese. Jen, I have not been able to find Cabot Cottage Cheese in any of my regular stores?!?!?! I know its at trader joes but it was at other places too, like Harris Teeter?? sad face because I got this other brand and it was not anywhere near as good as Cabot’s!
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Ah well. I mixed in cinnamon and some kashi go lean cereal.

Post Run Lunch:

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My  lunch started out with organic herb greens on the bottom. On top of that I had heated up frozen veggies (another budget friendly item that will last much longer than fresh) with leftover chicken I had made for the carbonara. On top of that… I put … FARRO! We had extra spelt/farro in lab on thursday and our professor gave it up to anyone who liked it and thought they could cook it at home… So I have a big bag of it πŸ™‚
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It was perfect on top of the “salad”. Oh, and I hid some hummus in there as my dressing.
Pre-Run Breakfast:
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Half a smoothie with blueberries and pure protein and ground flax, and half a serving of oatmeal and some banana and peaches. In case you did not notice, I had oatmeal as a part of breakfast everyday this week- it was a little experiment because I typically prefer a higher protein meal to get me through the morning. I haven’t decided what I like better, but I enjoyed both today!

Recap from earlier:


6.2 mile Run!!!! It felt fantastic, I ran the first 4 miles at a “pace” not allowing myself to start “speed racing” until after I reached the four mile mark. It felt wonderful!

I did yoga when I returned, just a short stretch and breathing session with my dvd.

did not find my article.. meh.. I did get some cleaning done and some shopping.


Jeff and I spent the evening enjoying the burgers and then dancing to a bunch of songs (some from Joe Cocker:  “You are so beautiful…” and  “Little Help from my friends”.. )

I love running, I love runs longer than 5 miles. Wee!

I got a $50 skirt for $3… you can’t beat that!




5 responses

28 02 2009

i want to be able to run like you :(!!!

one day.. one day.

28 02 2009

Wow, love your eats!! And $3? NICE!

28 02 2009
Sweet and Fit

i love bargain shopping =) and that burger looks so good! meat and black beans sounds like such a great twist on the classic burgah =)

28 02 2009

What a GREAT idea! I love padding out meat with other things, it feels so WW2…and I mean that in a very smart way. πŸ™‚

28 02 2009

Awesome run, dinner, and shopping! You’re totally kicking butt this weekend already πŸ˜‰

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