I missed…

25 02 2009

all of my readers! I missed not having cell service and not having my computer ! However, I LOVED LOVED LOVED all the activity and being in the snow again and re-learning snowboarding and hanging out with all of our friends! Getting my gloves on… however… I spent lots of time in this position and trying to get up from it…
1 BLOG 0161 BLOG 018

Back porch of the condo/rental

1 BLOG 019 
That is where we stayed and the slope map…

 1 BLOG 026

Here is my recap:

According to the self.com activity calculator, I burned 2,850 calories the first day of snowboarding and 2, 340 the second day. Phew…

I tried to eat to make up for it and think I did a pretty good job- with my butt, knees, hands, arms, shoulders, wrists, lats, abs and ankles either swollen, in pain, cut, bruised or just sore- I am resting until I feel better.

The best news: I took a high-dose anti inflammation med. ( originally for my knee as needed) last night and this morning and most everything now is downplayed to sore- not so much in pain. The exception- my arm from shoulder down to my hand. I think it is just tweaked/sprained badly.


I actually got studying done this weekend despite being on the mountain everyday . Thanks to all my friends that helped me!!!! I really focused on one little section for 1-2 hours each day and managed to get it all in and memorized.

The test today was EASY! I hate hate hate feeling that way because usually that  means I missed something- but I just don’t think I missed anything this exam. Fingers Crossed. The mountain might have kicked my butt but I totally kicked that exams butt, if it had one.

I get my vitamins exam back tomorrow… fingers crossed again for that!??!

Despite everything pain wise- this trip was absolutely AWESOME!! I can’t believe what a fantastic investment the socks and gloves I bought friday were!! My $10 pants were awesome the first day- the second day I added another layer because it went down to  8 * and very windy!

It took so much out of me everytime I fell to pull myself back up – and I fell almost every 20-30 feet the first day. But, it meant alot to me to just keep trying, I knew I could do it and I did- that one run I felt on top of the world, no falling, I made each turn a decision- toes head to the left, slow down lean to the uphill edge, heels… it was confident decisions and it felt amazing to fly down and meet Jeff at the same time he went down the other side.


For snacks we brought:
1 BLOG 0441 BLOG 041 1 BLOG 042 1 BLOG 043

and a tropical flavor Bumble Bar ( which was oh my goodness delicious!! absolutely favorite!)
  1 BLOG 0121 BLOG 013
We also brought bananas, blueberries, instant oatmeal packs, milk, and whole wheat arnold bread, lunch meat and cheese.

Oats with milk, a whole banana and lots of blueberries: fiber, protein and whole grains and lots of fruits for a full day of snowboarding!

1 BLOG 030 1 BLOG 009 

1 BLOG 005

Some of what others’ brought:1 BLOG 006
The Fridge:
1 BLOG 008

On our way home we stopped at a steakhouse…

1 BLOG 028
I had also had a roll and a salad but scarfed it down pre photo!

Tuesday: Pumpkin Oats with leftover blueberries and peanut butter and banana1 BLOG 035
Lunch: Smoothie which totally does not photograph well at all! protein, milk, banana, peanut butter, wheat germ.

Pre-Exam I snacked on a 100 calorie pack of almonds and half a balance bar ( see photos above!!!! )
1 BLOG 031


Veggies and Pasta with cheese and Salmon underneath. 
1 BLOG 036




13 responses

25 02 2009

good choice on the beer

25 02 2009

Oh wow, love the eats! Snacks, yum!

25 02 2009
Hangry Pants

Holy calorie burn. I need to snow board.

I can’t believe you still have the bumble bars. I ate those in like 3 weeks. 😀

25 02 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

I love seeing all the food you kept in your room 🙂
I am so impressed that you got all your studying in along with that calorie burn!

25 02 2009

That is quite the calorie burn … niiiiice ; )

Great snack choices and so glad you had such a great time!!! I always thought snowboarding looked hard, no wonder it burns all those calories : )

Have a GREAT Wednesday!!

25 02 2009

yayyyyy for you being back 🙂 Sounds like you had so much fun and the pics are super cute! What a calorie burner! Glad you got in some good eats to keep you energized!

25 02 2009


25 02 2009
Sweet and Fit

welcome back! it looks like you had such a great trip =)

25 02 2009

so so happy youre backkkk ❤
i wanna try that bumblebar! i’m glad you gave it such a great review. loving your pics girl 🙂

25 02 2009
Healthy Hunter

That’s so awesome that you gave it a try. A few more trips and you’ll be wanting to go every day!

25 02 2009

love all the snacks you brought with you 🙂
glad your back and that you had a great time!
sounds like you used ALOT of energy snowboarding!
hope your muscles feel better soon!

26 02 2009


wow i really need to find those almonds & that bumble bee bar!

23 03 2009
Move over Jeff, Hello Jay Robb…. « Body Mind Soul

[…] big hinderance I foresee is that for some reason ever since my snowboarding trip ( the mountain kicked my butt completely- my arm still hurts slightly at the elbow- its a sharp […]

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