The Treadmill Does Go Faster !?!?!?!?!?!

20 02 2009


Before class today I did a short yoga session- I haven’t done a long session in what seems like forever!

After class, I found out the treadmill GOES FASTER THAN 9.5 !! I ran the first mile alternating speed for the first 0.50 mile at 7.7 the second half mile at 9.5. So then I thought to myself, this must go faster… I tried pushing the speed arrow up and it didn’t budge. So I typed in 10.0 and it went to 10! Then I tried 11.1 and it went that high too! I tried but couldn’t go as fast as 11.1. However, I did run at 10 for 0.25 miles.

I am so excited because now I can have a goal speed! Not that I couldn’t run faster outside, but now I can “know” my pace to push myself on the treadmill too!
Somewhere someone said not to write your time the faster you are- and I would absolutely hate to discourage anyone! It is never about my time for me either- it is about pushing myself to where I know I can go. I write down speeds more for my reference/training, but it is always an accomplishment to just be able to run so I feel very fortunate.

Distance total today: 4.5 miles (alternating every 0.50 mile with 9, and 0.25 with 9.5 and the 10) I did my leg work ( ham curls, calf raises, and leg extensions) and cooled down with 10 minutes on the elliptical.

I am hoping the extra leg work will help keep me injury free with the addition of muscle strength in my legs. 


Terminology quiz! I did have to use my lifeline once ( it is a millionaire style game) but overall our group had the highest score!

In lab we did potatoes! Our group made Herbed Potatoes with Mustard Vinegarette and… French Fries with Garlic Aioli !

Oh my goodness…. both were delicious- however I don’t care much for potatoes whole like in the herbed ones we made. The french fries with the garlic aoili was PHENOMENAL!! We used fage 0%, our homemade mayo we made last week, parsley, fresh minced garlic, salt and pepper- It was divine!

I wish I had my camera today! We do sensory evaluations on all our food and then we can finish it if we want or bring it home etc. I got to bring home our Herbed Potatoes
1 BLOG 009
Jeff had them as part of dinner- I treated myself to a handfull of my favorite (the french fries) in lab.  Before lab, I was in such a rush that I ate without a photo and left for campus! I promise- photos from my class will appear!


I am checking into who is bringing a laptop/ if we have internet but most of my time will be spent ON THE SLOPES!

Smoothie (blueberries, banana, pure protein, wheat germ, milk)
Kashi cereal

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Lunch was an arnold sandwich thin, hummus, and turkey. I had fresh veggies with hummus too.
( no photo)

Organic greens, veggies, with a healthy choice chicken panini.  

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Review Healthy Choice Chicken Panini:

I loved the flavor of the spinach and tomato and onion with the chicken. I think the seasoning was fantastic. I wasn’t a fan of the bread only because I am hardly ever a fan of bread. The sandwich is 310 calories, 25 g of protein and 5 g of fiber. It was darn tasty and the protein and fiber is what I shoot for in my meals. I would for sure buy this again IF it was on sale, because it is only a sandwich- not a whole meal and for anything over $1.50 , I know I could make a fresh sandwich just as good if not better. I like the convenience of poppin it in the microwave and it has a crisper sheet so it would be a nice option to grab for work, school etc. if I had to. Unfortunately, it did not fill me up after my run.

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My running munchies were on full force. Does anyone else notice the faster you run the hungrier you get? I swear it felt like I had run 10 miles instead of 4, probably due to intensity.

Anyhow- this dessert was about 1/4 cup egg whites, 1/4 cup pumpkin puree,cinnamon, sprinkling of chocolate protein powder, a squirt of maple syrup, and a tiny dash of baking powder. I whisked all that very well and microwaved it. On top was wheat germ, banana ( organic) , peanut butter (all natural) and pumpkin butter ( the last of it).

It was delicious.




11 responses

20 02 2009

great eats hun 🙂 and sounds like you had a good run!
have a nice friday

20 02 2009

Amaaazing dessert.


20 02 2009


Great news about the treadmill – not that I can run nearly that fast, but good to know!

20 02 2009
Lesley Borger

Hmm… I don’t know how fast my treadmill goes?? lol.

Have a GREAT timing skiing … yay!!!

20 02 2009
Sweet and Fit

hope you have fun skiiing tomorrow! I don’t run, butttt my boyfriend is an avid runner – after his super fast and long runs, he is like a hungry monster! I think its because he creates such a calorie deficit that his body is just trying to tell him he needs more food – I guess thats why he has a hard time putting on weight!

20 02 2009

you are a running MACHINE! i didn’t know the treadmill went that fast and if i tried to run on it i would probablyl fly off it! hahah

20 02 2009

Oh wow, look at you run! Amazing speed!

20 02 2009

Wow I have never tried over 6.5 on the treadmill! Great job! The potatoes look great!

21 02 2009

You are officially a treadmill rockstar! 7.5 is my “speedy” pace, and I can’t hold that for long! You’ve really inspired me to push myself to run faster. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

21 02 2009
Pro form treadmill | Treadmill Village

[…] After class, I found out the treadmill GOES FASTER THAN 9.5 !! I ran the first mile alternating speed for the first 0.50 mile at 7.7 the second half mile at 9.5. So then I thought to myself, this must go faster… … More Iron Man Treadmill… […]

21 02 2009
Sweet and Fit

tag! you’re it!

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