Just another manic monday…

17 02 2009

Hey yall,

So it was a busy day, hence the post today! Here is the recap of monday

Gym: I went for a run!!!!!!  Oh my goodness, I just could not bear to take a brea from running any longer! I took two solid weeks off of running and majorly rested my toe. I tried very hard to avoid any impact exercises aslo.

I don’t think my toe is 100% healed but I just had to run, for my body and my soul! I wasn’t too worried especially considering I ran about 20 miles/week on it for the past couple months! It felt alright- so I did an easy but fast 3.2 miles and I also did ten minutes of biking.  I didn’t want to overdo the mileage even though I would have loved to go to 7 or 8 miles!


I studied Vitamin E  and Vitamin C  (synthesis, absorption, transport, digestion, breakdown, activity, reactions, sources) and finished free radicals, started bone composition.

I also attended the orientation for the National Honors Society I was invited to join! Not only did you have to have above a GPA of 3.8 as a grad student but you also had to have been recommended by a faculty member!! How about that, I have no clue who recommended me but I am very grateful! I feel smart and lucky!

We are heading over to Jeff’s parent’s for dinner, his aunt, uncle, cousins with their new baby and gma are all in town.

I got laundry done and began some packing planning for this weekend…. SKI TRIP!!! with a bunch of our close friends! It will be so fantastic!

I loved my run, even if it wasn’t as long as I want to go right now, it felt fantastic.

Smoothie with Kashi Cereal
1 BLOG 001

Annie’s Whole Wheat Organic Mac and Cheese , made with nonfat greek yogurt. Lots of frozen veggies heated up- lots!

1 BLOG 003

1 BLOG 005

1 BLOG 006 
Grilled chicken, scalloped cheesy potatoes, wheat roll, salad of romaine, tomatoes, and feta. Oh and a few of those glasses of grape juice…

Well, this was from the other night so I didn’t take a photo of my slice tonight. I went for all icing, minimal cake and this was completely gone by the end of the night.

1 BLOG 045

There were 10 of us…and it is just that incredible. Goodbye perfect chocolate cake, I will miss you until the next birthday!




8 responses

17 02 2009

i can’t get over how amazing that cake looks! i prob would have finished it all myself! 🙂 good job getting back to running, glad your toe is feeling better my love!

17 02 2009

Congratulations on the honor society!

Oh and thank you for the information on enzymes and digestion. I am not saying I believe the raw foods motivation and I can definitely see how the information can be skewed to fit your personal belief and diet ideals.

17 02 2009

magnificent cake!!

17 02 2009

Congrats on the honors society! You should feel very proud of yourself:)

17 02 2009

Oh yes! And congratulations on the honors society!
And oh my goodness, cake cake cake! =D

17 02 2009

Congrats, that is really impressive! Omg I need that cake!!

17 02 2009
Healthy Hunter

I’m addicted to cake and cupcakes lately…red velvet is my new favorite, but that chocolate looks amaaazing!

18 02 2009

What a lovely dinner! Lunch ain’t too shabby either 😉
Congrats on your run–it must feel good to be back!

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