Lunch: Lasagna, Toasted Kale and Cabbage

14 02 2009

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This was so good! TJ Green Cabbage with a little goddess dressing, mixed well. On top I put toasted kale ( toasted in my toaster oven with salt and pepper at 425 for about 10 min), broccoli and carrots. I also had a small piece of lasagna with extra sauce.

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Gym: Biked for 20 minutes, Elliptical for 20 minutes

Studied for vitamins exam

Caught up on every blog!

I FOUND SKI PANTS ON CLEARANCE FOR $10 !!! not $100 … $10 !!! I can’t believe I found the ONLY pair this store (tj maxx) had, ON clearance, AND THEY FIT! phew- that was awesome!

I bought a ton of gag gifts for our friend’s 30th celebration this evening: a wand, a crown, two foam swords, a slinkie, glow sticks, a jumping frog, a bear glove, and I am making a pin for her our of a ribbon- I put on scrapbook stickers that said “happy birthday” and one that said “Let’s Celebration”
??? I laughed so hard at that “Let’s Celebration” ? That must be why it was in the dollar bin!
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I think she will get a kick out of it- I asked her favorite colors and she said green, then blue- so I found this awesome gift bag in the shape of a purse- It’s green and blue!
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Jeff met me out for a bit and we had a lovely dinner which needs it’s own post!




One response

14 02 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

I tried kale chips for the first time last night! I don’t think I did them right–they tasted kind of mustard-y. Is that how kale tastes normally? I’ve only had it once or twice.
$10 for ski pants?! Awesome!
Happy Valentine’s Day, L!

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