High Protein and Ode to my Toe

13 02 2009

I woke up craving protein and vegetables and whole grains. I was super hungry! I think girl’s night dinner was not as nutrient dense as I am used to because we didn’t have any veggies or fruit! It was fufilling in other ways though so I am okay with it but I knew a fruit-filled smoothie would be perfect.

I used this new frozen mix at Trader Joe’s because they were out of their frozen pineapple bits and frozen mango and frozen blueberries too! They were also out of their greek yogurt!!! ???? Reminder for myself: Do NOT to go to TJ on thursday’s anymore!

Their mix was mango, raspberries and blueberries, unsweetened. My smoothie included this mix, half a banana, milk, water, pure protein, wheat germ and a little peanut butter.

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Side note: A friend of mine mentioned that her nutritionist says nuts and seeds provide all the protein we need. I love my friend ( hi nikki b!) but as many have said before, a Registered Dietician is far me educated than only a certified nutritionist ( which you can get online with little knowledge necessary). I don’t think badly against nutritionists either, but I wanted to bring up that while it is true that nuts and seeds contain a good amount of protein compared to say a crossiant, they also contain more fat than protein. I usually consider nuts and seeds a fat source.

Aside from that, there are essential amino acids that cannot be obtained from nuts and seeds alone. We need complete proteins and a variety of proteins. There are plenty of sources, low fat dairy, egg whites, lean meats, legumes, etc. I think many times people in the U.S go well over the “recommended” protein intake according to the government, however, their sources can often be from unhealthy fast food burgers or processed and packaged foods with high saturated fats and lower nutrient dense foods. The problem isn’t the protein, it is the balancing of protein with all the other nutrients they need if all they eat is say a burger: they don’t get much vitamins or minerals they need.

I don’t like to follow what the government tells me to do either, I follow what my body tells me.  I really feel much better on a higher protein diet that includes tons of fruits and vegetables and good sources of whole grains. That is just what I prefer: so eat your nuts and seeds or have that burger but take into account there are lots of other things you need as well!

The plan for today:


oh toe. why do you give me such woe. i want to run. but you won’t be fun. you are my foe, my poor toe.

Study all weekend for my vitamins exam! Probably a few hours each day.

I was invited to join the Nutrition Honors Fraternity for graduate students earning above a 3.8 GPA ( mine is still at 4.0 and I hope it stays that way!) in the nutrition program. Our initiation is monday but it’s not like all the other frat intiations. I just have to remember to go so this is my reminder!!  πŸ™‚


Our friend’s new girlfriend’s 30th birthday party is tonight- I am trying to find some shirts or something but I have no idea where to go !?!?!

Any advice on how to make fun of someone but still make them feel part of the group ? hmm… I will be conjuring up ideas while I catch up on all your blogs.




7 responses

13 02 2009
Lesley Borger

Oh, I’m so sorry about your name Laural! I should have read it more closely!! I like that name : )

Your smoothie sounds yummy!

And, yes, those cups are the cutest little cups … I loved everything and guess what I had for my morning tea this morning?? Yep! You guessed right ; ) And I also very much enjoyed a couple pieces of dark chocolate Dove hearts for dessert last night : ) You’re the best!

13 02 2009

haha i love it “I don’t like to follow what the government tells me to do either, I follow what my body tells me.”

i agree, the government is stupid.

13 02 2009

girlie thanks so much for your comment on my last post πŸ™‚ it was great to hear abit more about you and it certainly sounds like weve had similar issues with friends in the past! im glad youve gotten through it though and come out such a strong person!
this posts really interesting!! i love how you eat what your body craves, so inspirational!

13 02 2009

Interesting notes about the nuts/seeds…I always think beans are best if you don’t do meat?

Congrats on the honor society! You rock!

Have fun at the party!!

13 02 2009
Missy (Missy Maintains)

Thanks for the information about nuts and seeds! I did not agree with it either when I first read that is all we need! Have a great time tonight!

13 02 2009
Jess :)

Thanks so much for commenting/finding my blog πŸ™‚ Yours looks super cute and cool! That’s so awesome you live around the Raleigh area. Don’t ya love it?
❀ jess πŸ™‚

14 02 2009

Beans ARE a good source -especially when paired with rice- the amino acids that each provide allow for a complete protein to form- so you get the protein you need. Nuts and seeds are good sources- but I was more getting at the fact that they are not THE BEST or the ONLY source. Meats and other sources lower in fat provide essential nutrients aside from just protein- so variety is important too!

thanks everyone for such great comments!

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