Girl’s Night Day

13 02 2009

Yesterday was a busy day of class and shopping and then heading to girl’s night so I didn’t get a change to write about it all.


Went to the gym and I biked for 45 minutes- so there was no impact on my toe. I can’t wait for my toe to heal and to be able to run again!!!

I took Jack for a short 1 mile neighborhood walk- It was just gorgeous weather I could not resist.


Food Principles Lab: We made mustard vinegarette (an emulsion) and panna cotta ( a gel). Our group also volunteered to make jello from plain gelatin not the already sweetened mixes. I wanted to take pictures but I wasn’t sure if it would be pheasible- so I think I will bring my camera next time to campus in case. I typically don’t eat on campus so I usually don’t bring my camera. I would hate to have it banging around in my bookbag or leave my bookbag for a minute and someone steal it etc. so I usually just leave it at home.

Our next lab we are tasting and evaluating them and making all kinds of potatoes: Mashed potato, Potato Salad, and French Fries !

* I also studied for our first exam in Vitamins Minerals and Nutraceuticals: It will be on antioxidants, calcium ,vitamin D, and osteoprosis and heart disease *


Girl’s Night! It was such a great night to catch up with my friend Caroline and a few of her close girl-friends that I don’t see much either. Caroline is a totally foodie AND her boyfriend is French! Literally from france and cooks like it too!

So here are my eats:

Breakfast was the same as yesterday ( banana blueberry peach smoothie with kashi cereal cinnamon and fresh blueberries)
1 BLOG 003

I made a whole wheat wrap with egg whites, broccoli, mushrooms, and a little hot sauce. I made a salad on the side with crunchy sprouts, olives, cucumbers, blueberries, cauliflower, mushrooms, organic greens, carrots and some goddess dressing.
1 BLOG 001

1 BLOG 002
I had two of these chicken salad sandwiches on her homemade crossiant rolls with a glass of French 75. This was so delicious, it was champagne and gin and some kind of juice. I would definitely want to make that drink again sometime soon! I also had a few bites of a homemade brie wheel with a slice of bread. (unpictured because we were chatting so much and my fingers were cheesy)

1 BLOG 003

Her boyfriend made us crepes with nutella and rasbperry filling. Caroline had also made cream puffs- wow- my pumpkin banana bread didn’t stand a chance. I was too full to have any as was everyone else but the ladies all tried a bite for the sake of it and told me it was delicious.




2 responses

13 02 2009

Love the new blog layout!!

Mmm, crepes!! 🙂

13 02 2009

Wow, glad you had an awesome time!!! Too cool that her boyfriend cooks! Crepes!!!!!

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