Oh my goodness!

12 02 2009

You guys will NEVER guess what happened to me today. It was so terrifying and odd and I don’t even know what else. So here it is…

I showered and got ready for class, put together banana bread for tomorrow and put it in the oven to bake. I sat down on my couch while it baked to start reading articles for class. As soon as I sat down in my living room, I heard someone twisting the knob on my kitchen door ( which was locked just before I sat down, yikes!). They were turning the knob and pushing it so hard -Bang Bang Bang, push push, twist, clink, bang-  my heart started racing and I ran up to my bedroom in the back of the house to get my cell phone. At this point, whoever the heck it was went to our front door ( in the living room) and did the same thing.. bang bang bang, twist twist, bang … No voices, no “hey i need help” no names called out for people to open the door. I went to the front room upstairs to see the person and I couldn’t see because they were going to the side door again and did the same thing… So I dialed 911 immediately because I was completely freaked out. As soon as I start talking to the 911 lady, I could see the person coming around to the front of the house. It was an old old lady, no clue who, didn’t recognize her and again she tries hitting the door in!?!?!  I was slightly relieved but still really frightened, especially with Jack barking like crazy. So the police show up, they had told me she insists that she lives here but is giving them totally crazy information so they realize she is probably demented and got off at the wrong bus stop or something.

So- I call Jeff and I am slightly hysterical only because of such an emotional terror then relief. He tells me our neighbors had mentioned to him that the people across their street just had their elderly mother move in because she has alzheimers and keeps wandering off. So I run out to the cops and tell them that it is the neighbor’s mother across the street ( who were oddly not at home). They had said she was saying those people’s names etc. and they got a hold of her daughter finally.

Oh my goodness… I didn’t burn the banana bread but I didn’t get my article read. I headed to class very worked up but overall relieved.

phew… and how crazy is this that 1. the door was unlocked all morning long until a few minutes before she tried to get in. 2. Dori tagged me for 10 random facts and I read hers one of which included having her place broken into.

Anyway, all is fine now and Jeff went over to our neighbors to talk to them. They were upset but happy that I had called 911 so at least she didn’t get hurt or really really lost- I felt stupid but the police reassured me that there was no way of knowing if it really was a dangerous person or if she was sane. The said it was much better for me to have called them rather than to have answered the door and her get upset by seeing someone she doesn’t know in what she thinks is “her” home or get angry with me or anything.

Okay, so all is well. Here is my recap:
leftover lasagna and salad: organic greens, broccoli, mushrooms, cucumber, carrot, blueberries, crunchy sprouts and lentils, and a little blue cheese

1 BLOG 007


I did my home workout ( Chest: push ups, chest press w. dumbells, Abs: bent knee planks, bicycles, pilates 100 style crunches, Triceps: tricep extensions, tricep dips, Shoulders: shoulder raises and extensions and the push ups, and squats with leg lifts to the side). After that, I started my yoga practice but my toe was bothering me so I switched to mostly laying down stretching/breathing kinda thing.

It was nice, and I actually got a really good sweat!

and my heart has stopped pounding and my blood pressure has finally dropped from the incident earlier..”


How interesting, we talked more about heart disease and blood pressure and risk factors for these…

I met up after class with Jeff and Andrea and our other friend Tuddy ( hi tuddy!) at a sports bar to have dinner and watch the basketball game. It was unexpected and on the way home from class so I did not have my camera- I had a grilled chicken salad that had romaine, green pepper, red onion, tomato, and grilled chicken. To drink I had a michelob ultra. 🙂 It was so much fun because we laughed about what happened today and we planned our party activities for this weekend- one of the guys’ girlfriends who is quickly becoming our friend as well is turning 30!! We are trying to think of crazy fun ideas like making her a tshirt that says 1979 on it or her face or something to celebrate because we like her a lot! Any ideas ?




8 responses

12 02 2009
Hangry Pants

Oh my god! I am so glad everything worked out ok, but still, that is so scary. I don’t know what I would do in that situation, but it seems like you had your stuff together.

I went a party once where we all had masks of the birthday girl made from her little kid pictures. It sounds creepy, but it was funny.

12 02 2009

Wow, that sounds so scary! And how sad for that lady and her family.

12 02 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

I was reading that like it was a suspense novel! Yikes, that would have freaked me out, too! I am such a scardy-cat anyway, so I really understand you being emotional about it. Don’t feel about calling 911–you had no idea who it was that was trying to get in to your house!

12 02 2009

Oh my gosh! I would have had a heart attack! Glad you are safe- what a scary experience!!

12 02 2009

YIKES!! Hang in there, girl!!

12 02 2009

Omg that is so scary — I would have been a complete wreck. You handled it really well.

12 02 2009

omg i was having a heartattack just reading yoru story! i’m glad you are fine and safe and that you called 911 just in case it was anything serious. phew im sweating

12 02 2009
Sweet and Fit

what a crazy woman! I would have had such an anxiety attack – honestly, it was probably a good thing to have our dog barking about.

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