Hump Day Already?

11 02 2009

Fresh blueberries with Kashi Go Lean and cinnamon and peanut butter and a little banana..
1 BLOG 001
with a smoothie!

1 BLOG 003
I had run out of protein powder, so I picked up Pure Protein. I considered getting the Jay Robb brand but I like the way pure protein tastes and their ingredients for the most part for half the price. Recipe was: 1 banana ( very brown, you can count on banana bread!), 1 cup water, 1 scoop protein, frozen cherries, wheat germ and 2/3 cup milk

Time flies doesn’t it? It’s already wednesday and I have a girls night tomorrow, then it will be friday and Valentine’s Day. My plan for today:

Rest my toe, it seems like it is looking worse after elevating it al night but I am probably crazy. I am going to try a “sitting” workout- probably some pilates type crunches, chest shoulders and triceps with my dumbells..Yoga ( I would love to do a download but I have tried twice and each time it starts to download and then just freezes a couple seconds into it.


Class on heart disease ( it is a combo class of metabolism and vitamins)
Read two articles for group discussion in class
Outline other article for class

..I sent the blogger exchange package yesterday! I really hope that she likes it, Were we exchanging with each other or is everyone different?




2 responses

11 02 2009

Enjoy your Wednesday!! And hell yes for yoga – my daily practice 🙂

11 02 2009

Oh yes to HUMP DAY!!! LOL!

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