Saturday Recap

9 02 2009

Saturday Breakfast: Tiramisu French Toast

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I still haven’t perfected my recipe…

Lunch: Broccoli Slaw with extra veggies and hummus, Half an arnold thin with buffalo chicken

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Dinner: Andrea made Chicken Caccitore

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Body: Ran with Jack on a lake trail by our house- it was 70* this weekend and absolutely gorgeous weather, I couldn’t resist! my toe was not happy with me after. sigh.

Studied my vitamins notes and started to read an article for wednesday

Super-boyfriend does it again- he offered to clean my car ( the second time in the past month) and I would never refuse. Not only did he wash and wax it, he vacummed the inside, took out the trash stuff, AND cleaned and waxed the surfaces inside. I kept getting inside of it and smiling all day!

I did his laundry and mine while he did the cars.

I went shopping for ski/snowboard pants because we are going on our first ever ski trip together in a few weeks! Most of our friends are going, we rented a house on the slopes so we could get up and ski down. I snowboarded freshmen year of college and went skiing when I was younger several times. I am super excited but I’m not sure what kind of pants to get or where the best place to get them is… any suggestions?




2 responses

9 02 2009

Stunning French toast!!

**Pants = do you have a Dick’s Sporting Goods store?? If so, go there 🙂

10 02 2009

Your breakfasts look so delicious!

What a guy, cleaning your car!!

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