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6 02 2009

so I was trying to thinking of prodcuts that I would love to try but have not yet. I figured it would be really helpful to get comments back about these products if you guys have had them and what you enjoy most about them.

1. Barney Butter: I have seen it on virtually every blog! What is the best thing about it? I have never had almond butter but I love nut butters in general, so I assume I am going to like it – but is it really $8 a jar ?

2. POM : Lee just got a sample case of these bad boys. I have had pomegrante fruit but never had the juice- for similar reasons as Lee in my past. Is it really good juice?  Can you just feel all the antioxidants entering your immune system?

3. Larabars:  well most all of their flavors. To be honest,  I did really enjoy the one Cherry Pie flavor I tried and the Pecan Pie flavor.  I was emailed by Ourkitchenadventures  to give them my address for free goodies to try and they have never sent any. It’s cool if they didn’t have the budget but I feel weird giving out my address to someone offering something that they never sent….. ??? 

4. Peanut Butter & Co :  is this stuff like liquid crack?  It looks like candy in spreadable form… is it healthy  ? I think I would gobble it in a second but I’m not sure what makes it so blog-worthy

5.  Smart and Delicious Tortilla Wraps :  Are they just as good as other whole grain wraps? What makes you want these more than others ?

I would love to try all of these products – and I would love to hear back from any and all about those that you have had and truly what you like best about them.  I’d love to know!!!




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6 02 2009

I haven’t tried any of those products on your list! I need to jump on the bandwagon!!

6 02 2009

In my opinion – I don’t like Larabars for some reason, and they don’t offer the nutrition I look for in a bar. They’re low on protein, so I guess they offer fruit and grains, but honestly I’d rather just eat…fruit and grains.

Those tortilla wraps are great because they’re so low-cal, high-fiber, and high-protein AND they taste good. I mean, I like classic white flour tortillas better, but not for 2-3 times as many calories and no nutritional value.

Pom juice is good but pricey and, again, I’d rather just eat the fruit.

And I don’t know about the peanut butters as I haven’t tried them, but I’m curious too since they’re featured on SO many blogs!

Hope that helps! 🙂

6 02 2009

#2 – I eat them EVERY SINGLE DAY. That should tell you about how good they are (in my opinion, of course) 😉

#4 – amaaaazing spreads!!

6 02 2009

Larabars have a lot of flavors so it’s probably up to what tastes you like and don’t with these. I personally love the Cashew Cookie but won’t go near the Lemon or Lime ones.

I ordered Barney Butter with Hangry Pants free shipping a few weeks ago – it is VERY different from other Almond butter. I’ve heard it described as the “Jiff of Almond Butter” – it has evaporated cane juice, palm fruit oil and sea salt in addition to the almonds. It tastes good but different from plain almond butter.

PB&CO – AMAZING. I am addicted to this stuff. It is healthy, they don’t add crap to it, just what they need to make it have its amazing flavors. I HIGHLY recommend!

6 02 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

I haven’t tried BB yet either, but there has GOT to be a Larabar flavor that you like!! About the PB & Co, on their website they list off their ingredients. They are not as “pure” as just peanuts + salt, but they talk about the oil they use and claim it is healthy and has no trans fat. I would be interested to hear your opinion on the ingredients if you can take a look. The flavors ROCK though, at least the few I have tried.

9 02 2009

From what I’ve tried:

PB&Co is just plain delicious. It’s a good source of protein given how good it tastes, and it’s much better than Nutella or other things that are kind of like it. Plus it’s vegan, which is not the case for a lot of chocolate spreads out there.

I love the Smart & Delicious tortilla wraps because they are so much more moist and sturdy than a lot of tortillas. I like that they aren’t dry and have a lot of flavor to them. Plus, at 80 calories for a decent sized wrap with a ton of fiber, these are a great way to wrap up some hummus and veggies.

I’ve seen other bloggers talk about all of the other things, and I am actively looking for them to try them out. If other people are right about chocolate peanut butter then I’m sure they couldn’t be wrong about the amazingness of the rest of stuff.

10 02 2009
Hangry Pants

(1) Barney Butter – Mark loves, I do not. I think you will like it if you like the taste of skippy. Because I really prefer natural nut butters, this almond butter is way too sweet for me.

(2) POM – I like to mix this with other things because it has a strong taste. If you like pomegranates, you’ll like this. However, I have made a number of tasty treats with this because it’s great for baking,

(3) Larabars – I know this makes me unpopular, but I am not a fan. I mean I would eat one if given to me, but they are kind of dry, small and expensive.

(4) PB & Co. – Only had the one mixed w/ dark chocolate and it was good, but it’s not something I was in love with – probably for the same reasons why I am not in love with Barney Butter.

(5) I’ve head these, but really can’t remember anything specifically wonderful about them. I prefer Joseph’s Wrap products.

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