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6 02 2009

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Another quick one, but only because I made the chicken last night with buffalo sauce. Jeff thawed out the trader joes whole wheat pizza dough and I threw on the chicken ( shredded) blue cheese crumbles and lite blue cheese dressing ( Marz… something brand- it was on sale at Harris Teeter). On the right side I sprinkled reduced fat shredded mexican cheese. ( in the making below)1 BLOG 008

I had about a third as did Jeff and the rest is going to lunch with him tomorrow.

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On the side I munched on tons of fresh veggies: celery, carrots, broc, cauliflower and a couple carrots. Jeff ate most of them because he knows I don’t like carrots- isn’t that sweet ?!!


Post Gym Snack:1 BLOG 007
Chobani Plain Nonfat Yogurt with a tsp of pumpkin butter. I must say, pumpkin butter is so addictive! Also, I had my spinach dip and a glob of hummus. I had the last few crumbles of soy flax chips and celery sticks for dipping. I like veggie-full dips and dipping veggies into them. I ❤ vegetables.

Pre-Exam Lunch: no photo sorry- it was on the run- an odwalla bar from the campus cafe. ( I knew my exam wouldn’t take too long and I had a hefty bowl of oats later than usual – the cafe also did not have any fresh fruit, otherwise the future dietician in me would have totally grabbed some)

Study time at Starbucks:
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Grande drip coffee with a turbinado sugar and sprinkle of vanilla.  I am such a plain gal! I always get the drip coffee and never really go for the mocha java chip frappucino caramel macchiato. I like my coffee nice and strong, I also don’t enjoy the insane calorie counts on most of the drinks with cream etc. That is not to say starbucks does not provide better drink options, I just prefer strong coffee over dessert!

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A big long lasting bowl of high-protein oats! This combination was pretty tasty according to my buds so I will estimate my recipe:

1/4 cup quick cook steel cut oats
1/4 cup egg whites
1/4 cup pumpkin puree
1/2 scoop vanilla whey protein
about 1/4 cup water, on top to make it “soupy”.
Mixed well and microwaved with cinnamon. Also on top, wheat germ, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, chobani plain, pumpkin butter and peanut butter.

Now you can see how an odwalla bar held me over come lunch time!

Lots and lots of walking- on campus in the cold! I went shopping with KC Mo and we walked a bunch. And..
Gym!! ( 40 minutes on the elliptical, 10 minutes on the stair climber)
I haven’t been to the gym in a week! Yikes! My frequent readers know I am big on fitness so one week without the gym is pretty long! In this past week I went on two walks with my mom, one with my cousin and aunt, I went on two walks with Jack, I travelled alot ( which does take its own, different toll on my body), I had a sweaty aerobics session with Melissa, and I did a great yoga session yesterday!
My point is that fitness doesn’t have to happen at a gym but it sure is nice to go!

Exam went very well with the exception of a couple questions that were misunderstandings- Our professor speaks very broken english and did not really tell us what she meant by a couple of the questions. We’ll see – It is a shame too because my study session this morning with my classmate Sara went soooo well!

I knew way more info than what was on the exam, so that is good and a little annoying but I am glad I studied when I did and how much I did.

I am going to work more on posts for Fats and Cholesterol , Vitamin E & C and Osteoporosis/Calcium. I have drafts all started but I just haven’t had time to finish them the way I like.


Gym! It felt great to get back to the gym even though my toe still hurts. I did non-impact exercise with the elliptical and I think resting from running will be overall healthier for me in the long run ( long run get it).

Shopping with KC Mo!!! Oh my  goodness.. it was FABULOUS!!! And one day soon you will all know what we were shopping for!!!!

So excited I have no class tomorrow- I have to pick up the things I am mailing to my blogger exchange hosted by Lee at SeeLeeLive!

It’s almost friday everyone!

I can’t relate how amazing I feel , despite my toe hurting. I know this amazingness is directly from a “well-balanced day”! I got in a great workout at the gym, I studied a ton and did well on the exam, I got in wonderful shopping with a friend, and I have the best boyfriend ever. It is just this lovely balance of everything that leaves me feeling so satisfied!




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6 02 2009

Looks amazingly good!

6 02 2009

Hi Hi! Sounds like a wonderful day for you! Pizza creation- um amazing! Love the buffalo mix on a pizza- its just perfect. The oats combo looks great too! I need to start adding more oats into my diet. Have a great Friday

6 02 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

I love that you count gym and in body and soul today. It always (ok, usually) makes my soul feel better after I have a good workout, too. I am amazed on days when I can’t get any exercise how crappy I feel, mentally and physically.
Love the protein oats…it could almost be a healthy oatmeal cookie!

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