The rest of my hump day eats…

5 02 2009

Leftover Lunch:
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Chicken and broccoli and asparagus in chunky tomato sauce with whole wheat rotini and cheese.

I got home before Jeff but very late from class- So I threw together one of my fastest meals:
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I did about 6 egg whites, 2 yolks- whisked well.
I thawed sweet potato fries, spinach, bell peppers and drained the excess liquid. Added that to the eggs with some italian blend shredded cheese. I also put a piece of bread in the middle for two purposes: 1. usually when I make frittata I am in a hurry and don’t squeeze enough liquid out- the liquid congregates to the middle so I thought to prevent that it would soak up excess liquid. 2. I thought it would be great to add extra whole grains. I will probably add two pieces for two big servings next time.

I had  mind on a whole grain wrap
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While I made this, I also made a quick artichoke spinach dip because I had everything already out to thaw. So I microwaved spinach, artichokes, bell pepper and some banana peppers- drained excess liquid- mixed in some chobani plain yogurt, parm cheese, smart balance mayo, salt, pepper, and extra cheese on top.
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I also cooked chicken breasts in the skillet, just so that they were ready and cooked for whenever. no pic. 

I spent all evening studying, and I am meeting early in the am with a girl to study with at … Starbucks! I haven’t been there in forever!




6 responses

5 02 2009

Its just Thursday AM here and your frittata is making me hungry!! Off for breakfast 🙂

5 02 2009

Aw I missed you too! I’ve been bad at keeping up with blogs oy!
Have fun studying at Starbucks…I love going and sitting there! 😀

5 02 2009

Happy Thursday, girl!!

5 02 2009

I love the piece of bread in the middle! How clever! I got some starbucks this am as well (skim pumpkin spice misto!) because I forgot to put the coffee in the pot last night and woke up to a container of warm water….whoops 😉

5 02 2009

ive never made af frittata, youre looks amazing. love the piece of bread in the middle! and can’t ever go wrong with spinach artichoke dip, delicious combo!!

5 02 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

Both of the frittata and dip seem very Rachel Ray-esque, like throwing them together was a marvelous accident! 🙂 Hopefully you know what I mean. They look great, especially the dip. You seem like a very intuitive cook rather than constantly needing a recipe like me. That is a gift!

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