Tiramisu French Toast

4 02 2009

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Good Morning Indeed!!!!  I know I mentioned that I had one more idea for french toast! It was inspired by one of my favorite italian desserts , Tiramisu. I came up with this idea while trying to think of how to make Tiramisu healthy and thinking of what else I could do with french toast. It was kind of an instant match! Whole wheat bread instead of ladyfingers, nonfat greek yogurt instead of marscapone.

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I am going to improve upon the recipe but essentially I toasted bread so that it could withstand the batter better (haha), and then I used strong coffee with milk and added it to my batter. Cooked french toast lady fingers as normal, then used a little bit of the coffee mixed well into the yogurt.  Tada… on the side I had warmed up fruit- blueberries, straweberries and peaches.

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I am cleaning today and plan on some yoga.
For my toe, I am resting. I haven’t run for exactly one week. I might just call the doctor and ask about the toe. It seems there is really nothing they can do other than suggest rest and to tape em together so why bother paying for an appointment ? I guess I would find out which bones or severity etc.


Vitamins Class: Osteoporosis is the topic of discussion- I have two articles to read today and lots of studying to do for …. an Exam Thursday!

My first exam of the semester is in Food Principles on thursday, yes right after our quiz. Oh well- I think I will be well prepared because it is more of the basic stuff AND its multiple choice with true/false too.

We’ll see but today should be a fun accomplishments day because I want to clean, clean, laundry, read, yoga, cook dinner, and go to class.

Oh and Jeff had grown a beard, I know I don’t show many photos of him and I on here but every once in awhile. So I thought I would show you what he did last night for his hockey game and for me because I was getting bothered by his beard:
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He made a fu man choo (?) and “chops” for sideburns….
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I know Ladies, isn’t he irresistible?




11 responses

4 02 2009

You need to publish a breakfast cookbook – I always adore your tantalizing treats!! 😀

4 02 2009

OMG I NEED TO MAKE THIS. My boyfriend doesn’t like coffee so this will have to be done on my own one day. Wow — incredible! You are so inventive!

4 02 2009

This looks amazing!!!!!!! I need to attempt this recipe!

4 02 2009

Tiramisu breakfast???
Wow that is so creative!
You are amazing!

4 02 2009
salt and pepper

Great idea!

4 02 2009

genious genious genious. you need to come out with a cookbook with your specialties! haha and love the chops! hilarious!!

4 02 2009

Your breakfasts look amazing- every day! Hahah LOVE Jeff’s sideburns. Very hot!

4 02 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

You guys are too cute!
Another amazing breakfast!!

4 02 2009
Sweet and Fit

aww you guys are so cute together! I love the tiramisu french toast – i hope you get around to posting the recipe.

I am actaully interested in learning more about osteoporosis because I am very much at risk for it ever since I started taking a high dose of steroids (prednisone)… so fill us in if you like =)

5 02 2009

Thanks Everyone!!

Hello to newbies Salt and Pepper and Missy! I love love love to see comments from everyone so thank you!

I will get together a better recipe asap- so no worries! Thanks for all the positive feedback!

S&F: you are the cutest- you totally keep up with my classes- I will post probably friday ( since i have an exam tomorrow) more of my class updates/info to study. We did talk about prednisone a little and I have been on that as well.

5 02 2009

Love that french toast! You amaze me!

Great pic of you too!!!! Such a sweet couple!!

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