Steelers Won The Superbowl, Part 3

4 02 2009

So I am just excited about the steelers winning, can you tell? I am done with that as the title post. But you can check out my eats from yesterday at William’s Gourmet Kitchen. where Jeff, Cyrus and Stacy and myself all stopped to have our first meal of the day- at 2 pm !

The “future dietician” in me was not happy waiting this long to eat, however, we had an unusually late night of superbowl watching, dog watching, and dart and card playing. However, I know this is out of the ordinary to eat that late in the day so don’t chastize me, I was hangry enough.

Speaking of Hangry-  You all have until thursday to enter the giveaway for Wildtime’s Almond Butter, graciously hosted by Heather of Hangrypants. Check out this link for info and to enter!

So we had a fantastic meal, I love his restaurant but its too far for me to drive to everyday. Jeff takes his work buddies there rather often and did I fail to mention that Will is one of Jeff’s hockey buddies from college? So look forward to more reviews!

After brunchinner ( like brunch and early dinner)- Jeff and I went shopping, unpacked, and did laundry. We luckily got back in time for me to workout with his sister at her gym!

I attended the aerobics class and of course had a great time, got in a good sweat. And it was back for dinner and some snuggling and online shopping with the boyfriend.
We split this plate of Soy Flax Chicken Chili Nachos
1 BLOG 008
And I had this big side bowl of veggies to myself
1 BLOG 006

It feels as if its been forever! So, I remember way back when I first came home from a run and thought ” I swear it feels like I broke my toe”. Well, ever since that it has felt that way but I had not seen any bones sticking out. My shoes fit. I kept running. Well, over the weekend I was showing my toe to my mom and realized that, I did break my toe! You can see how the bone is a little messed up just at the beginning of my toes- and it swollen in part of my foot and my toe. I knew something was wrong!

I am not sure if I will go to the doctors to get x-rays but I think it might be worth it since it is much closer to my foot than my toes. I was having sharp pains, coming from my toes through my foot. My ankle was also starting to hurt this past week and of course, my knee has felt awful ever since my toe starting hurting.

I am not running at all this week- I am not sure what I will do for workouts but I realize resting would be the best option.

I taped my toes together and attended aerobics class with Jeff’s sister last night- I got a good sweat in and my abs are sore today!

Class, quiz today went well. It was a combo of jeopardy, millionaire and the easy button at staples. We had to respond to our individual question with “What is… ” and the format was questions, that we had to answer with the opportunity to use a word bank or our group members as “life lines”.  Our grade was the average of our groups responses. 100%

My second class was all about lipoproteins, we covered chyomicrons, very low density lipoprotein and apoproteins. I will try to formulate a coherent post on them tomorrow. I know yall are dying with excitement to learn about apoproteins and chylomicrons!


*shopping*  🙂 🙂

I have such exciting things going on right now, but I can’t reveal details because I hate to get ahead of myself or worked up too much. Just know that I really have been incredibly happy ( as most of you have told me recently) and I will report details when I can!

Still haven’t heard back from the job posting, but we will see how it goes!




One response

4 02 2009

mmmm those veggies look good girl. is it extreemely difficult learning all of this nutrition??
i cannot wait but am so nervous it seems like a toughy for sure!

are you in grad school or undergrad nutrition?
i know to be an RD you have to go grad too right??

yay a long road for me ahead. cannot wait.!

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