Oh I ate today, this time before 2 pm!

4 02 2009

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Breakfast Bowl:

Warmed Blueberries and Cherries
Chobani Strawberry
Wheat Germ
Kashi Go Lean
Half a Naner
Natural Peanut Butter
Cinnamon too

I like sometimes just throwing in all kinds of textures and tastes into one quick easy breakfast. I knew it had a good deal of protein from the yogurt, cereal and peanut butter. I got in a serving of whole grains, almost 2 fruit, dairy, and a healthy fat. Happy happy happy.

Grilled Chicken ( short cuts) in a whole wheat wrap with hummus.  1 BLOG 013
I grabbed the last of a bag of fresh cut veggies to munch in the car on the way to my quiz- I was running really late so no photo.


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Pumpkin TLC Fruit and Nut Bar
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I got these because Lee at SeeLeeLive had tried one out and I thought they looked cool. I totally agree with her that while they have 2 g of soluble fiber, and 4 g of protein and covered in pumpkin butter- they are TINY TINY TINY for 120 calories each. Insane. I won’t get them again because I realize how tiny they are
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HOWEVER- I would totally eat them again should someone else have them because they are tasty. I usually like to have more protein in a bar in order to keep me full, especially if it is over 100 calories or so.

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I started, Jeff finished!
We cooked chicken breasts in the skillet with hot sauce and black pepper, than added frozen, thawed asparagus and broccoli. To that we added a can of Hunt’s Chunky Vegetable Pasta Sauce while we cooked the whole grain pasta noodles.

I got my latest southern living magazine when I got home from class!! Woohoo- and how about the nutter butter banana pudding- How come no one has thought of that before??? I have been craving naner puddin for some odd reason lately, I just might have to make a version.

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Have a wonderful evening blogland!! Anyone else subscribe to southern living?




9 responses

4 02 2009

How fabulous does that breakfast bowl look? Love all the ingredients. Hope you’re having a nice night baby doll!

4 02 2009
Trust, Hope, Believe

I love those Kashi Pumpkin Pie Bars .. but they are reallllly small! good for a snack though!

4 02 2009

Yup. I find that Kashi bars are smaller than most bars for the amount of calories it has. I like them anyways. =)

4 02 2009

Erica: Hey gorgeous! i heart breakfast bowls!

The skinny plate: I know! I enjoy their nutritional profile so its hard to say no to them when they are that good!

4 02 2009

my daddyO is a southern living fool!
growing up in jersey forever we ALWAYS vacation to hilton head & charleston, my brother went to CofCharleston & i’m going to Elon
soooo the south is inevitable for our family but I DONT HATE IT

i LOVE iT and i LOVE THE MAGAZINE.. the pretty architecture & recipes oh ❤ it’s so homey and nice!

your dinner looks very, very, very delicious AS does your breakfast!!!


have a lovely nighttt

4 02 2009
Lara (Thinspired)

I don’t subscribe but I always love flicking through and getting recipe ideas!
Thanks for the mini-review on those pumpkin Kashi bars…they look so good but on your hand you can tell they are TINY! Lame!

4 02 2009

Best of luck with your exam on Thursday, girl!!

4 02 2009

wow that breakfast bowl looks a-mazing

5 02 2009

That bar does look tiny. Thanks for the review!

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