Restaurant Reviews: William’s Gourmet Kitchen

3 02 2009

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We arrived at William’s, in the RTP area of Durham, NC just at the line of Apex on 54/55.ย  Here is a link to his website: William’s Gourmet Kitchen. and I loved how each table has a little flower on it!

The owner/operator/head chef greeted us at the door and I loved that he had a huge ear-to-ear grin the whole time, so genuine! The menu, which is spread across and above his head, is also available to take with you and online to check out. It took me so long to decide because I wanted to order everything!!!
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I finally decided on the you pick two combo, I had the soup of the day: Tomato Bisque and a half of the Smoked Turkey Sandwich:
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Smoked turkey breast, chipotle mayo, lettuce, onion, tomato, Havarti served on artisan Focccacia.

I also ordered a side of sweet potato fries that were served with a dipping sauce of melted butter, molasses and brown sugar. OH MY GOODNESS! These were by far the best sweet potato fries that I have ever had and the dipping sauce: GENIUS! It almost ate all of them, they were THAT good.
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My thoughts:
The soup was incredible. I know you would not think of tomato soup as “incredible”, however this was a delicately creamy soup with little tomato pieces giving you a little burst of juice. It was not overly creamy or chunky, it was quite perfect.

My sandwich was huge and it was only a half! The veggies were crisp, fresh, and the turkey was shaved thin. The foccacia was soft, slightly salty and chewy.

You guys can be expecting many many more reviews from William’s Gourmet Kitchen. If you are in the Durham/Chapel Hill/Raleigh area, definitely check it out for a great meal. It is open Monday-Saturday, breakfast – lunch.




9 responses

3 02 2009

I hope I get to go there one day! The sauce for the fries – ah how delicious!

3 02 2009

that place looks like it does goood food!
have a great night

3 02 2009

Some sweet potato fries sounds good right about now. Too bad I’m nursing a sore throat. Nothing but soft foods for me today. T_T BTW, that restaurant looks mighty good.

3 02 2009
Healthy Hunter

I love smoked turkey…it’s so delicious!

3 02 2009

wow that does look like an amazing meaL! and i’m so obsessed with good sweet potato fries! i would definitely have finished all of themmmm ! yum!

3 02 2009

Hey girlie, thank you so much for such a nice comment on my blog. Seriously, one of the nicest I have ever received ๐Ÿ˜‰
I am contemplating a 10k but I am scared! I’m trying to beat the fear and just start training. Any advice?

3 02 2009

Great review! Looks so fresh! I love when restaurant food looks fresh! Glad you enjoyed it!

3 02 2009

You have one of my favorite blogs! I love seeing good options to pick while eating out…especially if the look like they taste AMAZING!!! Loving all your picks and adventures. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for sharing everything!!

4 02 2009

the sauce was phenomenal, and totally do-able at home, I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it!

Lauren: It does delicious food- and Will the owner operator is our good friend who is incredibly sweet and passionate about what he does!

Skinny: oh no hope your throat gets better!

Healthy Hunter: Welcome! I love your name! smoked turkey is delish!

Dailygoods: sweet potato fries are such a treat arent they!!

Thinspired: I will email you!

Erica: ๐Ÿ™‚ i heart you itzy. the place is AWESOME!

Lucky Taste Buds: Thank you so so much, I can’t tell you how much that comment means to me. I can’t believe it and I am so happy you enjoy the blog!

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