Product Review: Sahale Snacks

3 02 2009

Oh my goodness! I was overjoyed to see this package in the mail this evening.
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I had inquired about Sahale snacks and they offered to send me a sample of their newest product line: Glazed Nuts

1 BLOG 012 What I really like about these before even tasting, is that they pair a fruit ( vitamins, minerals, antioxidants) with a fat source. Fatty acids helps carry these ultra important nutrients to the cells that need them. So right off the bat, I am intrigued! 

I received three packets that were 100 calories each. I love these small packs, especially with travelling this weekend, they are a great way to get in your healthy fatty acids.

Pomegranate Cashews
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Almonds with cranberries, honey and sea salt
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Almonds PB& J

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We took them with us on our weekend trip . My mom and I drove out the first part of our trip- so she and I split the almond pb&j. 1 BLOG 003 1 BLOG 004 Man- we both loved these! There are almonds and peanuts and it really does remind me of pb&j. They were perfectly sweet and salty at the same time.

I had taken the rest of the samples our drive to our friends’ place in asheville. We tried the almonds ( with honey, cranberries, and sea salt). These guys also had white sesame seeds in the mix. I think these were my favorite because they were a little saltier than the others.  1 BLOG 008

We then opened the Cashews. These have dried apple, dried pomegranate, natural vanilla extract, and organic cane juice. These were interesting because we both enjoy cashews, but the cashew flavor was overpowered by the vanilla and pomegranate. Don’t get me wrong, they were delicious but you didn’t get a “cashew” taste.  
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A huge thank you to Sahale Snacks- These nuts were the perfect road trip snack and I would have been miserably hungry without them. I will most definately be purchasing them once they hit shelves here!




4 responses

3 02 2009

Ooooh, those look good! What great snacks!

3 02 2009
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[…] On the drive out, my mom and I shared the Sahale Snacks Almonds PB&J. These were a 100 calorie pack and absolutely AWESOME! They had peanuts and dried berry bits with almonds coated in a light honey and organic cane juice coating. Check out my review here: Product Review: Sahale Snacks […]

3 02 2009

These sound so unique and tasty. I am especially intrigued by the PB&J almonds!

3 02 2009

The Sahale products look delicious! I think I would like the almonds with cranberries and honey!

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