and it’s weekend time for me!!

30 01 2009

no class tomorrow so I am officially in weekend mode!
hey in case you haven’t heard the word on the blog street- the lovely incredibly inspriing Lee of See Lee Live is graciously hosting a Valentines Day Blogger Exchange !!
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heart u Lee!

* Body
Jeff and I did some strength training at the gym, all upper body to give my leg a break.

I did take Jack for a mile walk- he was angrily pulling the whole time. I don’t know what’s with him lately.

My mom and I are planning on some light cardio tomorrow morning..but unfortunately all of your lovely well-wishes seem to haven’t healed my foot/knee issues magically as I wish they would have. We’ll see…

Today’s class was lab orientation and equipment- which was pans, pots, dishes, bakeware and utensils and we went over measuring ingredients…. we had to clean all of our dishes and organize our own group’s kitchens- It was actually kinda fun! No quiz today, it will be on tuesday but will include more terms now.

Dinner with my lovely friend Andrea. It was SOO nice to chat the night away with her because we haven’t seen much of each other , we were going through withdrawal I think! We saw each other a few weeks ago but that is equivalent to a lifetime!

My mom arrived in Raleigh and is at my brother’s place for the evening. She oftens stays with Jeff and I or I get to spend the day shopping with her etc. so I am happy she gets some qt with my bro.  We are planning on leaving town before 2 but maybe earlier. I forgot to pack- eeek! oh well, tomorrow morning while I have coffee will be nice.

I used the last of the chicken salad ( jeff took some for lunch too) and made this guy- times two!
1 BLOG 007

I had the rest of the chobani from breakfast with banana and Kashi Go Lean after getting home from class.

 1 BLOG 008
and I had some of these soy flaxseed tortilla chips with salsa
1 BLOG 010
1 BLOG 018
Pizza, Salad, and Wine!!
1 BLOG 019
It was a Kashi frozen pizza and absolutely delicious! It had feta, spinach, tomatoes and red onions. I really enjoyed this !

I had a second glass of wine just so yall know! We discussed a research study this week in Vitamins class that studied a group of participants instructed to have 400 ml of red wine ( two big glasses) DAILY for one week- They measured their plasma (blood) antioxidant levels afterwards and found incredible amounts of antioxidants that decreased their risks of cardiovascular disease!  While drinking this much daily for prolonged periods could have more unhealthier side effects (liver effects, weight gain, less nutrient dense food inake…) than just high antioxidant levels, I’ll say yes to Vino!




13 responses

30 01 2009

Heck YES for that wine study–I’ll be thinking of it this Saturday as I gulp it down at the in-laws’…hehe πŸ˜‰
I am dying to try the Kashi pizzas. I love that the crust is whole grain (unlike the Amy’s ones, right?). I think you do such a great job of making your favorite foods healthy. Love it.
Happy weekend to you!

30 01 2009

din dins looks so yummy!!
yay for no quiz today πŸ™‚
have a great night

30 01 2009

You are a lucky duck having today off- enjoy it bud! That pizza looks fabulous. So I really love your new word press blog!! The only thing that irritates me about word press is that the comments button is at the top of the post? Whats up with that? Thats not user friendly!

30 01 2009


30 01 2009

Thanks Lara!! Oh goodness my thoughts are with you at the in laws this weekend! and hey, at least you have the “go ahead” on gulping down the wine!

Thanks Lauren! You are so supportive-hope you had a great night as well

Erica you are too cute! I appreciate your thoughts on wordpress- I didn’t realize the comment thing is at the top either- That IS such a pain in the butt- maybe they will read enough comments and change it!?!

Thanks VeggieGirl You too!!!

30 01 2009
Sweet and Fit

lab orientation and equipment? does this mean your experiments are with baking and recipe-making?!?!!

30 01 2009

i hope you have a GREAT weekend!! that kashi pizza looks great! i havent tried them before, but i’m loving amys spinach pizza and roasted veggie pizza. if you haven’t tred them, i HIGHLY suggest them! so goood πŸ™‚

30 01 2009

I think it is your theme that has the comments on top, not necessarily WordPress itself. I have seen WordPress blogs with other themes that have comment section on bottom. Mine is like yours, though. Try playing around with themes for one the way you like it!

30 01 2009
Joie de vivre

I found you! Hope you are enjoying your new site. I’ll update my bookmark. I always love reading your “soul” updates. The epitomize your joie de vivre.

30 01 2009

OOOH your breakfast lasagna looked astoundingly beautiful. I am definitely gonna try making something like that one day!! Thanks for the inspiration. πŸ™‚ Oooh, and I heart kashi frozen food too. They make the tastiest stuff!!! You have such great looking homemade food!!! Thanks for posting!!

31 01 2009

Love that chicken salad sandwich! Yummy!

Glad you had a nice dinner with your friend! I love Kashi frozen pizzas!!

I e-mailed you back!!!!!!

1 02 2009

S&F : YES! for my principle of foods class we have a lab part that is ALL cooking and recipe know how- we are making omlets, soufless, mayo, angel food cake… the list goes on! so exciting to learn the “proper ” techniques!

dailygoods: thanks for the amy suggestion! I heard they were good too ! I enjoy making my own pizzas alot also!
Dori: thanks for the theme advice- I think I really like this one except for that comment part- maybe I will find some more fun ones to try!

luckytastebuds: thanks for the comment! its so nice to hear that i can inspire others πŸ™‚

S&H: you are AMAZING! thank you so much for your email- i emailed you back

1 02 2009


I have been out of town since early friday morning and haven’t had internet access until today. Unfortunately, the server here won’t allow me to sign in to post!!!

I will post as soon as I can!!

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