Pumpkin Monte Cristo ( a French Toast Hammy)

29 01 2009


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before we get into that… Does anyone else have a dog that snores? I assume it is normal for dogs to snore, much like when we have allergies or a cold or just plain old crappy genes that give us holey nasal passages producing snoring. However, I swear every night Jack Brown Dog gets louder with his snoring. I think I am going to record it on my camera only I don’t know how to post the video on here.

The good: Run 7 miles. Woohoo!!
The bad: my knee has been sore all day though
the ugly: I also have had pain deep inside my quad, and toe today too

I am actually going to look into this tonight because it has been really annoying and I know they are intertwined somehow because when I put ice on my toe- my knee throbs. And, vice versa when I put heat or ice on my knee- that toe throbs. Weird?! It may be a pronation issue but my shoes seem to fit just fine really ( wiggle room, tread etc).

I edited resume and sent it at 3:50 pm this afternoon! keep your fingers crossed for me!

Class: my synopsis went well, class was fascinating as usual. Today we discussed bone formation, calcium and osteoporosis- but only a little bit.

stupid bank causes stupid problems- a separate credit card bill set up on the account that was charged incorrectly charged me an returned fee – well I called and was highly upset at this, and luckily , the gentleman removed my fees. I just have to remember that I have to send a check this month because my account is blocked online- phew such a hassle!!!!!

I am so relieved that those fees were removed- ugh!

I have this big feeling of relief in general- I got through my run, while I was talking to my mom about weekend plans I cooked lunch and dinner at the same time.

Jack ran away- again- for the millionth time. Not from me though- I decided to only take him out on the leash even just in the yard. Jeff opened the door and Jack just rushed out and off.

* Good news though, a lady up the street found him this afternoon OR what we think is that he has found a second home- he was dry and did not smell which is usually NOT the case when he runs off. He typically comes back covered in guck that smells like fish and poo. Not today though, thankfully.

I have been trying to keep up on everyone’s blogs- there are just so many amazing blogs to read!

So on to the food…
I knew I was heading to the gym for a long run and wanted to get a good start for that. So I mad a smoothie with half scoop of protein powder, milk, pineapple, cherries, blueberries. On top in this bowl is wheat germ and cinnamon and a little peanut butter.  I bought bananas on sunday however they are still not ready to eat! harummph!

I poured my smoothie over Kashi Go Lean cereal-

1 BLOG 001

Onto Lunch, the title of this post was for a reason…

I came up with this idea for french toast because we have ham, bread and pumpkin that we should eat before we leave for the weekend again…. So….
Pumpkin Monte Cristo French Toast Hammy  was born.
( get it sammy with h for the ham ? oh I crack myself up sometimes)

You bloggers keep my motivations and expectations high- I appreciate it and I have another surprise french toast for tomorrow morning!

I flattened slices of bread ( just covered the slice with the bag and rolled out with my hand).

 1 BLOG 0031 BLOG 004

I smushed a cheese wedge and put two slices of ham on top. 1 BLOG 005

I spread that with pumpkin because I forgot to put the pumpkin in the egg mix ( which would have been better). So then I sliced the sandwich in half rolled and dipped them into the batter and cooked them in my skillet with the rest of the egg whites.
1 BLOG 006
It was delicious but I know it would have been better if I had made pumpkin batter as I intended but as usual, I was trying to have a conversation, cook chicken and make myself lunch at the same time. Next time.  Here it is in all its glory

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On the side I had the leftover eggs, organic veggies and sprouts with some salad and hummus and salsa. 

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So I threw together dinner at this time too.

I chopped celery, diced a red onion, sliced green grapes in half and added two globs of a new mayo- Smart Balance Mayo ( I will photo it tomorrow). It essentially uses “better” fats but does include egg yolk- In general, it has too many ingredients that I can’t pronounce but I figured I would try it.  I added the same amount plus one more “glob” of Chobani Nonfat Greek Yogurt for a healthier dressing substitute. A little blue cheese crumbles as well. 
1 BLOG 002
I boiled chicken breasts and chopped them up and threw it all together.  I let it in set in the fridge while I was off to class.

Here is my dinner sammy with extra veggies on the side

1 BLOG 011

My dessert is two slices of my Chocolate chip pound cake… too tired to photo.

See yall in the morning !




11 responses

29 01 2009

Seriouly…your posts are STILl not showing up in my google reader, what is up with that.

Does my dog snore? Like its his freaking job 😉 I love it though. Josh and I think that those sound makers (that you’re supposed to use to help you sleep) should have a “frank noise” button hahahah.

That sammy looks seriously incredible!

29 01 2009

Erica- i commented on yours- I was starting to worry that I lost you! I love hearing about frank and classes like body attack WHOA! i need to get my certification so I can teach classes like that! how awesome!

29 01 2009

HA! my boyfriend and I have a dog, and she snoressss! thats hilarious! awesome job with your 7 miler! and my fingers are crossed for you with your resume 🙂 i’m lovin your food! pumpkin monte cristo! girl you are a genius, and I need to make that sandwich sometime. Made the pumpkin french toast thing morning and it was divineeee

29 01 2009

Jack needs to stop running away! I can’t believe he snores…haha!

All of your eats look delicious to me. It’s amazing how you can whip things together like that. You’re so creative! I need to be more like you!

Got a ? for you. I was contacted by Foodbuzz to be a publisher, but I’m having a hard time understanding their contract. Would you mind e-mailing me and letting me know what your responsibilities are. I want to make sure I’m not signing my life away.

Thanks so much and have a super night!

29 01 2009

You are so sweet 🙂 Your post finally showed up in my google reader. Whats up google???

Any who- of course you haven’t lost me! I ❤ your blog big time!

29 01 2009

haha! that is cute about your dog =)
my dog breathes heavily but never snored
your monteo cristo french toast looks aweeesome~

29 01 2009
Sweet and Fit

I am loving the french toast sammy! you are really on a pumpkin kick – or it might just be that you opened a can and have to use it all up =)

My dog snores at night, but I think its because the was her snout is shaped or something – I assume its normal.

I hope your knee, toe, and quad start feeling bette! – wow and u ran 7 miles?!?!

29 01 2009

❤ yours too Erica!

Hi Mads! oh this is sooo snoring and sooo not cute. okay well sometimes it is…but we thought he may have had a seizure it was so loud!

S&F ; you are right- I opened the can and we are going away tomorrow am- so I wanted to use it up creatively!
Thanks for the wishes and this part is to everyone that replied about having a snoring dog

I feel ssooo much better knowing that lots of other dogs snore too- I was curious if it was normal!

29 01 2009

yyuuumy. thats such a great idea! i don’t even like cheese but i would love it in this sammy!!

and the chicken salad looks so delicious..

as for dog snoring..
2 out of 3 of mine do! they’re cocker spaniels & THEY SNORE!
ugh its annoying. it gets worse as they get older too…

what’s the resume for?! new job!!?

have a GREAT thursday!

29 01 2009

oh my goodness! that “hammy” is inspiring! what a great idea to add pumpkin!

29 01 2009

7 miles…wow. I continue to be inspired by the many runners in blogland. It must be all the wonderful fuel you give yourself–all the pumpkin and french toast must do a body good 🙂

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