Breakfast Lasagna

29 01 2009

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So in addition to this guy, I have one more idea brewing in my head for french toast, but I don’t have my usual ingredients for it. * it is dessert inspired but I won’t reveal the country yet*

Okay, back to today: I made pumpkin french toast lasagna …. 

Yes , I opened a can of pumpkin and want to use it up. I could freeze it and will do so  if I need to , however, it would be nice not to. Plus, I really enjoy exploring a food- if I hadn’t thought about it I wouldn’t have come up with all these creative delicious uses!

here is how:
I sliced my two pieces of bread into four, dipped in the usual batter of 2 (cage free) egg whites, splash of milk, and pumpkin glob ( about 1/3 cup), cinnamon and sweetener if you prefer.

Let those guys cook in the skillet.
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I heated up frozen peaches, frozen pineapple and took out other layers: peanut butter, chobani yogurt, cottage cheese. 

I cooked the remainder of the batter in the pan with slices of an organic banana to caramelize ( hooray!) .
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I began by layering, starting with french toast slice, pineapple layer, french toast slice, chobani strawberry, french toast slice, peach layer with some cottage cheese, and the top toast slice had peanut butter under each banana.
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I loved this dish because I got a little bit of everything, a peach with cottage cheese with a piece of the pumpkin toast. Or some creamy strawberry yogurt with a banana and pinapple. It was a fantastic blend of flavors that couldn’t help but leave me satisfied! healthy as usual!
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This would make a fantastic breakfast casserole to take to a brunch! Quite honestly, it is rather budget friendly- eggs and bread and frozen fruit are all pretty inexpensive. The chobani yogurt could easily ( unfortunately) be replaced for a cheaper option of yogurt too.  However, if I were to do that I would bake the final layers ( probably about 350* for 25 minutes or so) so that it sticks together for the masses.
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Here is my plan for the day

Rest ( from running)- I remembered the orthopaedic telling me the last time I saw him  ( in october/nov.?) that I had tendinitis in my right knee ( originally I injured my left knee in august).  He had given me an anti-inflammatory but wanted to take MRI’s which I cannot afford considering when I do not run, my symptoms tend to improve.
The tendinitis treatment, according to runner’s world: rest from running, cross train, take anti-inflammatoy med, ice/heat.

I could not seem to find toe knee related injuries but I can’t bend my second largest toe. I read about hammertoes, it seems like that would be it but my toes are jam-free while in my shoe. Honestly, I check and wiggle and know they aren’t jammed.

The other symptoms I read about led to “osteoarthritis” as possible, however, you can continue running with moderate mileage and hills.

*maybe do a run-less gym session*

Lab Orientation today and the professor told us “Quiz probably not be on thursday”.

So I am going to study this morning anyway- and prepare as if it still were today- even though deep down I think its going to be on tuesday.

My resume and cover letter were sent- I have to thank Jeff publicly because he is an amazing ( person) but also an amazing resume reader. He has to read through resumes at work often and he gave me wonderful advice on mine. THANK YOU!

t b a…

Maybe workout with Jeff or with his sis at her gym and have dinner with my lovely Andrea




15 responses

29 01 2009

I didn’t get a chance to say so earlier but THANK YOU for your input on my blog! You are such a sweetheart!!
I love the French toast – they are not very common where I come from but my uncle always makes them for me and my cousins when I stay over.

29 01 2009

Your breakfast looks AMAZING, you are so creative with your recipes! Bummer about your injury, it’s the worst when you don’t know what’s going on. Hope you feel better soon.

29 01 2009

May I come over for breakfast one of these days, please?!?!??! ๐Ÿ˜€

Enjoy your Thursday!!

29 01 2009

WOW this looks incredible. I want to make all your french toast recipes! I can’t wait to start trying more!

29 01 2009

wow way to go girl, that bfast looks awesome…so inspiring haha! Sorry about the injury. I think it’s good your taking time off, that’s the only way it’ll get better! have a great day:)

29 01 2009

YUM! Please make me breakfast tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚ This looks totally tasty! Glad you got the resume out!

29 01 2009

well I have to say… you are a breakfast master! your french toast creations never cease to amaze me. i hope your body starts to feel better soon!!

29 01 2009

oh wow that breakkie looks heavenly!! your breakfasts always look so tasty and creative ๐Ÿ™‚ inspiring!!
hope the injury heals soon!!
have a great day girlie, hope you dont get that quiz!!

29 01 2009

SERIOUSLY?! I don’t know where you get these amazing breakfast ideas, but they are unbelievably creative and scrumptious looking. No joke. I love it. Can you come make me breakfast?!

29 01 2009

Oh my goodness, you amaze me!! How did you get so creative?!?! Honestly, my mouth is watering!!!!!

30 01 2009

I would LOVE to make ALL of you breakfast!! Haha, I love you guys! It was delicious and I can’t wait to try out my next creation !!

30 01 2009

I just looked at this again and now I want it even more.

30 01 2009
Sweet and Fit

lemme guess the country… Italy?….some ricotta? sweet french toast?

thanks for giving me so many ways to use up the pumpkin!

the weather up at Hershey was horrible, so I didn’t get to go anywhere because the roads were so bad – if Bryan gets into Penn State though, we are going to make another trip in the spring to see how we like the area….thanks so much sweetie for your help!

30 01 2009

Oh my god this is ridiculous! I love it. Yummy.

27 03 2009

I was just thinking about making something like this the other day! I’ll have to try it ๐Ÿ™‚ I also like to make waffled french toast where you put the soaked bread in the waffle iron. It gets since and crispy on the outside and still doughy on the inside. Looks so good!


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