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28 01 2009

I have the best readers ever- I probably could never say that enough but I was deeply touched by everyone’s comments and please know how much each and every one of you mean to me. You offer me inspiration, encouragement, support and a place to share my journey of healthy eating, healthy living, and my passion for nutrition! I truly appreciate you.

okay, so I had to head to campus early and packed my lunch:
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Very Veggie salad mix with romaine, radishes, snap peas, carrots, and salsa (black beans, corn, tomatoes) and Organic broccoli, carrots and cauliflower dipped in Sabra Hummus. Grilled chicken strips, grapes,  and half an arnold sandwich thin filled with peanut butter.

It was delicious and took me forever to eat but I enjoyed every single bite! A fellow student said oh miss healthy no dressing? and I replied, well, when I have salsa and hummus I don’t need any dressing!

unphotographed: coffee from the campus center-black with a splash of half and half…

Dinner:1 BLOG 017
Chili (leftover) and I toasted cheese onto a whole wheat tortilla and ate that with it.. fantastic

1 BLOG 018

But I was still hungry- so I had half of a chobani with half a slice of my delicious chocolate chip cake. The best thing is that I feel absolutely no guilt associated with this nearly high protein, healthy-fat cake. It even has veggies in the frosting!

🙂 I may have to make this again and send them to my special readers…. any takers?

oh and recap-
I rested today for my Body…

Class was absolutely fantastic- Nutrient Metabolism is so cool- I don’t have the mental energy to recap but I am brewing up a post on Cholesterol since my dad has really high blood cholesterol and I LOVE learning about lipids and sterols.

My mind is pretty tired because I also…. drumroll please….Started and Finished my cover letter and it is PERFECT!!! But, now I want to fix my resume even more … sigh

I have the best readers I swear! And I know there are a bunch who do not comment, and I mean you too- like my brothers and sister and all my family- Love you!

I am chatting with a dear friend I haven’t heard from in awhile

Happy Tuesday Night All!




12 responses

28 01 2009

just read your e-mail and I CRIED! hehe
am writing you one back


ps. i love that you can chat!

28 01 2009

Mmm, chili!!

Hooray for a fantastic class!!

28 01 2009

well your cake sure does look fabulous, I think anyone would love some of it:) I’m glad you had a good day!!

28 01 2009

Your lunch looks great! I need to start being more creative with mine!

I’ll totally have some of that healthy-fat cake!

Have a wonderful night!

28 01 2009

ME! ME! ME! i’d love the cake 🙂
loveee your food girl! that chili bowl? perfection! and congrats on getting your cover letter done, resumes always feel like they are never really done… i need to work on mine too! grr

28 01 2009
Heather @ Hangry Pants

I love your positivity lately – you’ve been in an extra good mood lately! I know what you mean though about loving readers and getting excited to read comments and see what everyone is doing. It’s great to be able to discuss healthy food and living with lots of people!

Also, I love the cake you made so much! Guilt free. 😀

28 01 2009

what a lovely looking salad

28 01 2009

haha I’m the same way! I even put hummus on rice (by the way, try it! It’s surprisingly delicious :P)

28 01 2009


28 01 2009

Wow, I’d definitely take a slice of that cake! I love the Very Veggie Salad! It’s been too long since I’ce had a good salad. Thanks for the reminder 😉
Congrats on finishing the cover letter. I know how laborious that can be–I HATE revamping my resume, you seem so inspired right now!

28 01 2009

hi girlie,
i think everyones a taker on that amazing looking cake 🙂
congrats on getting your cover letter done !! thats awesome.
hope your having a wonderful night

28 01 2009
Sweet and Fit

chocolate chip cake and chobiani….looks and sounds soooo good, chobiani kinda acts like a side of ice cream.

congrats on finishing your perfect cover letter!

oh, and I agree that not ALL salads need dressing…. have a great night!

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