So Easy My Sister Could Do It …maybe?

27 01 2009

The rest of my eats are probably not as exciting as Pumpkin French Toast Triangles…. but I try…

New * Run Fuel:
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These guys are organic ( and I swore on the back they said vegan) and are supposed to be the same energy boost idea as all those other gummy endurance sport things. Isn’t it a cute little shark!?
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They taste very much like gatorade- and they stick to your teeth but eventually dissolve. I tried two in the middle of my run and I didn’t get an immediate energy burst but I definitely would have kept going to 7 or 8 miles had two super SMELLY guys jumped on the empty treadmills right near me– Blech! I couldn’t stand their stench so I parted after mile 6.

For $0.88 cents a pack at Target- I think I will be up for trying these guys again but I have yet to try Cliff Shot Blocks among others either.

Post Run Lunch:

I took leftover lentils, chicken strips, and organic veggies and heated them up a little for some warmth
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then added cool crisp salad greens, organic sprouts and some salsa on top.
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I used to eat salsa by the jar but then I had some digestions problems in my esophagus ( not caused by the salsa but it was not good for it). 
I love my healed esophagus now and I really enjoy this black bean and corn salsa- all the ingredients make sense, no preservatives really just spices and veggies.

“The Future Dietician In Me”: added a big handful of these bad boys to round out my meal.
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On to Dinner:
Inspired by my spectacular dinner on our getaway trip, I took fire roasted tomatoes, capers, olives, and mild pepperocini rings and let them marinate together today. Then, I added a good 3 tablespoons of smart balance and about 1/2 cup of pinot grigio.

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I cooked boneless pork chops seasoned with lemon pepper on my foreman grill then tossed in the marinated veggies.

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On the side I grilled asparagus spears on the foreman (with non stick spray) and made whole grain rice pilaf ( Rice a Roni Nautrals with no preservatives) and I added bits of laughing cow spreadable garlic cheese.

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It was delicious and so Easy My Sister Could Do It… Right Christal! ? I mean its just opening up stuff and cooking according to directions – you could do that.  I thought it was funny because she emailed me about wanting to comment on my french toast this morning-she was having trouble commenting so  she emailed me that I better be making it for her this weekend! Haha- only if our grandpa has all the ingredients!

Update *

Body: 6 mile run, I paced the first 4 miles and then just did speedwork the last 2. I am happy I started speedwork because it took my attention off of the sweaty man stench ( for a little while anyway)


Sent article out and finished pretty much all of my synopsis for it due Wednesday

Studied for terminolgy quiz

Worked on resume ( yah!) for potential job… now I need a cover letter

Picked up my chef coat!!! It is SO cute and we also had another package- Jeff’s title to his truck!

Checking on bank now- checked on one earlier.

I am so happy I got everything in that I intended and expected ( and more!) to do today! Jeff and I had a lovely long chat after work it was so nice. I went to the one store that has chobani around these parts and bought 15 of them because they were on sale- I love that stuff! It is even cheaper than Trader Joes by $0.20 normally ( one single serving of chobani is $1.39, a tub of trader joes is 2 servings for $3… but I got it on sale for $1! Woohoo! I made a yummy dinner and now Pretty Woman is on!




6 responses

27 01 2009

Hey! Glad you had a great day! Those sharkies look yummy! Next time I’m at Target I’ll have to pick them up. Your dinner looks yummy too! Ooooh, I’m going to go watch Pretty Woman! Love it!!!

27 01 2009
Sweet and Fit

I love grocery deals, its such a high! By the way, I made your pumpkin french toast this morning, and damnnnn…. now I know why you make french toast every now n’ again! it was sooooo good!

27 01 2009

Cute shark!
Glad you had such a good day! I am so jealous of the run!

27 01 2009

What a wonderful day of eats! I feel ya on the stinky guys at the gym–can’t they wear deoderant?! Yikes!

27 01 2009

S&H: you are so cute! I am glad you got to enjoy pretty woman, its such a classic.

S&F: oh goodness I am so glad I am not the only one that feels the “high” of grocery deals! And I am so glad you enjoyed hte french toast, I always worry about others not enjoying something I do!

Moran: ellipticizer eliipiticizer you’re an ellipticizer baby ( sung like britney spears womanizer song) …

Lara: I don’t understand why they have to jump on the machines literally next to you when there are like 30 other ones open!!!

28 01 2009
Heather @ Hangry Pants

Ah you havea chef coat – so exciting!

The French DID look delicious.

I love when Chobani is only $1!

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