Restful Blur of a Sunday

26 01 2009

Sunday was a restful blur! I posted our getaway photos and went to the grocery store. I did a “huge” shopping trip because I literally have not stepped foot inside a grocery store since my last grocery store post! That is very unusual for me because I try to go a couple times a week and get little trips of fresher things. Since we have been travelling and will be gone again this weekend- I got lots of frozen veggies, fruit, egg whites ( in the carton they stay fresh for a long time) etc. I also found a bottle of wine from the vineyard we ate dinner at – wooohoo! It was actually cheaper than it was at the vineyard!

I could not possibly take a photo because it was a huge trip ( just over $100) but most of that stuff will last us for a good three weeks if not more. Plus, I went to a further away store and waited in line forever on top of going around the isles so I was concerned with getting everything back into refrigeration etc. Some great deals items: Sabra Hummus  ( it was $2 cheaper than closer grocery stores!) and for dipping- organic Fresh cut veggies ( worth the extra 25 cents/bag)!

My calves were so sore from hiking, in a good way though! I did lots of walking and grocery lifting, phew!

Yoga  ( apparently it was national yoga day!)

Studied terminology for my Food Principles quiz on Thursday

Searched and found several research articles for Vitamins class on Wednesday. I need to decide which one to send to my group members and do the synopsis of the article today.



Grocery store! I must have been on what I referred to before as “grocery store high” . I get so excited when I get deals on foods that I enjoy regularly and I also really enjoy having my kitchen stocked- it makes me feel “safe” almost- like I don’t need to worry about anything at all because I know I have enough.  Oh and I needed shampoo badly and I accidentally bought conditioner instead of shampoo on friday- so now I have shampoo- Yah!

Restful day with Jeff- it was nice to just relax and re-coop from our trip, cook a big pot of chili etc.

I watched Father of the Bride , that is such a good movie.

Some Eats:

Blueberry Smoothie: here want to try?
1 BLOG 001 

jeff’s mom gave us organic mixed greens saturday night (since we hadn’t been home or had food in the house) and Jeff had eaten some for dinner- So I used up those with some of my new veggies , organic sprouts and hummus. On the side I had vanilla oikos with some Go Lean cereal and Wheat Germ mixed in.
1 BLOG 010

Chili: on top of salad with cornbread ( I threw this cornbread together but it was not good at all. I’m not sure what I did so I am not posting recipes for it). Jeff, a human vacuum, swore that it was good and devoured his. Oh well.

1 BLOG 012

For The Chili:
I browned lean meat in the skillet with a dash of paprika,  black and red pepper, and tsp of oil. While that cooked, I also cooked organic red lentils ( i have had these for awhile). In the crock pot I put a can of chili beans, a can of drained kidney beans, the cooked, slightly mashed lentils, a big can of diced tomatoes, a little salsa, a little hot sauce,  some banana peppers ( I like them better than jalepenos), and some more red pepper flakes. Couldn’t be easier! I let it simmer together for a good 3 hours.

That white glob is a  Laughing Cow light spreadable cheese wedge: 1 BLOG 008 each one is only 35 calories with 2 g of fat and 2 g of protein and delicious!




3 responses

26 01 2009

Seriously, I live in Europe, about 12 hours DRIVE from France, and we don’t have these falvours ! And there is only one light version!
I am moving to the US in a few years πŸ˜‰

26 01 2009

Dailygoods: oh my goodness I hope you enjoy it! I have told others that it might be even better with a little sweetness added to it. I am a “plain” kinda gal so I just use the sweetness from my fruit but most people would enjoy maple syrup or brown sugar or whatever.
Mads: YOU are Awesome! πŸ™‚ thanks babydoll
Dori: oh I hope your boyfriend enjoys it!
Lauren: Hope your monday is as spectacular as can be!
SweetandFit: Did you really make this for breakfast?! ?! Oh I am so happy, I hope you enjoyed it and I will catch up on my reading in a little while!
luckytastebuds: Thank you for the comment! and You are quite welcome- I think many people would enjoy a little more sweetness like sugar or maple syrup –
M* Thanks for the comment and welcome! I have seen sabra coupons on but they change them often. good luck finding them- I am going to attempt making my own hummus but i just can’t get enough of sabra’s pine nut.. yum
Moran- yah for moving to the US ! Well, I would also LOVE to live in Europe for a bit too- can we trade lives for a few months?
Veggiegirl you are the best- i hope school is going well for you future journalist!

26 01 2009

Some great eats! πŸ™‚ I need to find Sabra hummus coupons, I buy them like crazy! πŸ˜›

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