Pumpkin French Toast Triangles

26 01 2009

Oh how I love my french toast! I grabbed a huge can of pumpkin puree at the store and was excited to use it!
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I used 1/2 cup egg whites ( from the carton they say it is equivalent of 2 eggs. However, 1 egg white provides 20 calories and 5 grams of protein. The carton egg whites ( “100% all egg whites”) says 1/4 cup provides 1 serving, at 30 calories and 6 grams of protein, which means it really isn’t equivalent to 1 egg white or it is a labelling issue ? ). Anyway.

Today’s Recipe:
1/2 cup egg whites
2 globs of pumpkin
1/2 tsp vanilla

Dip 2 slices of bread/toast into the batter- drop into a skillet on medium heat. I flipped after I could smell it was ready, then sliced with my spatula into triangles.

While it cooked I heated peaches and cherries (frozen) in the microwave. For a little “stuffing” I added cottage cheese in between the triangles.

Close Up:
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Okay, the plan for today

I hope to get in a Run. I think I am going to “pace” myself this time but we will see- I feel so tough and wonderful when I am speeding along at 9.5 mph every couple minutes. hmm

Study second set of terminology for quiz thursday- and group study session tomorrow.

Send out article to vitamins group, write synopsis for it

Go pick up package at post office ( I think its my chef coat and Jeff’s title to Lurlota)

work on resume, send to new job lead

Check on bank: overdraft’s were supposed to be refunded by friday- and I heard that my other bank was hacked into and 56,000 people are at risk. sigh.


If I get a run in and all this other stuff done, my soul will feel great!

I am excited to see my mom, brother, sister, aunt and cousin friday! AND…. excited to see our friends in Asheville and see one of our favorite bands play! AND.. excited to watch my Steelers win the superbowl!!




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26 01 2009


26 01 2009

wow that looks delicious! What a smart way to use pumpkin!! I’ll definitely keep it in mind for the next french toast endeavor I have! Thanks so much for the post and for including your recipe!

26 01 2009
Sweet and Fit

I am soo hungry, off to try and make this for breakfast! thank you thank you thank you!

26 01 2009

omg that looks so yummy 🙂
have a great monday!!

26 01 2009

Okay I REALLY need to make this. My boyfriend is excited about the idea of pumpkin french toast, and is extra confident in my french toast abilities after I made a Hungry Girl version yesterday for him! So I will definitely make this at some point in the next month! It looks absolutely delicious.

26 01 2009

oooh your french toast looks awesome!!

26 01 2009

thats it! i’m making pumpkin french toast tomorrow and i can’t waitttttttttttt 🙂

26 01 2009

Dailygoods: oh my goodness I hope you enjoy it! I have told others that it might be even better with a little sweetness added to it. I am a “plain” kinda gal so I just use the sweetness from my fruit but most people would enjoy maple syrup or brown sugar or whatever.
Mads: YOU are Awesome! thanks babydoll
Dori: oh I hope your boyfriend enjoys it!
Lauren: Hope your monday is as spectacular as can be!
SweetandFit: Did you really make this for breakfast?! ?! Oh I am so happy, I hope you enjoyed it and I will catch up on my reading in a little while!
luckytastebuds: Thank you for the comment! and You are quite welcome- I think many people would enjoy a little more sweetness like sugar or maple syrup –
M* Thanks for the comment and welcome! I have seen sabra coupons on couponsuzy.com but they change them often. good luck finding them- I am going to attempt making my own hummus but i just can’t get enough of sabra’s pine nut.. yum
Moran- yah for moving to the US ! Well, I would also LOVE to live in Europe for a bit too- can we trade lives for a few months?
Veggiegirl you are the best- i hope school is going well for you future journalist!

26 01 2009

Great french toast! You’ve got the best recipes!! Have a great day!


27 01 2009
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27 01 2009

You are officially the french toast master! Wow, this looks so amazing!

27 01 2009
Sweet and Fit

yes i did make it for breakfast, well I had breakfast at noon, hehe…It’ll be posted soon!

27 01 2009
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29 01 2009
Tyler (Raspberry Runner)

bookmarking this recipe NOW! i love anything pumpkin 🙂

29 01 2009

S&H: I emailed you! And you need to always be you ( i know you are just being sweet) but I love reading about you so I like you the way you are!

Tyler: Welcome! Hello! I cant believe I hadn’t thought of it before! pumpkin is wonderful

DailyGoods: thanks for the crossing of the fingers and calling me a genius! whoa- if i could only live up to that- I am SO glad you enjoyed the pumpkin french toast!

12 03 2009
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