This is a good one yall: thursday eats

23 01 2009

French Toast made with two slices of Newman’s Own Double Fiber Bread, 3 egg whites and a splash of milk whisked very well, into the pan and cut up with my spatula. Underneath is the leftover eggs cooked in the pan. On the side, I made “Fruit Foster” by sauteing half a banana and yes, a splash of Rum ( cruzan guava rum) and some mango & strawberry.

1 BLOG 002 1 BLOG 001

I sprinkled ground flax after adding everything together…


So that I could easily take it with me on the way to class…Broccolii and A Smoothie ( banana, mango, vanilla protein, milk, peanut butter, ground flax)1 BLOG 006
1 BLOG 003 And ate the broccoli pre-departure….

After-School Snack

1 BLOG 009
Tea ( two kinds green tea and earl grey)- antioxidants yah! i can feel my cell membranes NO LONGER bursting from free radicals.  Oh Joy of Cooking, That is my food principles course text-cookbook. It’s freaking huge and reminds me of a bible.

Not pictured: Piece of pizza from last night…  it was whole grain and had pineapple and tomatoes.

After-school Special.. hey you teenybobbers- don’t go gettin preggers

just thought I ‘d throw that in there..

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Stir Fry
Chicken Breast, Broccoli, Artichokes, Bell Pepper Mix, Cauliflower, with some lite soy sauce, fajita seasoning ( just a sprinkle not a whole package), fresh pepper.

Rice ( whole grain …

1 BLOG 011

(so yummmy!) and I mixed in black beans to complete my amino acids yall. and a little cheese and hot sauce to feel sassy.1 BLOG 013

Jeff opened and poured me a glass of merlot behind my back. :-O Gasp! He is such a bad influence.  Bridget if you are still reading this, Thank you for my stemless glasses!!!!! I haven’t broken any yet and love them~!
1 BLOG 012 

We are SO PUMPED about our getaway trip tomorrow!! We are doing a gym trip and then dropping Jack at “my potential future in-laws” aka Jeff’s parents, then off to Winery #1, Tobacco Barn Check In, Winery #2, Fancy Schmancy Dinner, then *@)&$ $ &#*$& , then hiking in the morning, then lunch with “potential future brother in law”.

The cabins do not have internet access but the main breakfast lodge does- so not sure about blogging but should be able to get a post in sometime!





11 responses

23 01 2009

i LOVE your french toast creation! i can’t wait to try caramelizing bananas. YUM!

23 01 2009

oh i lovvvvvee caramelizing bananas. It’s my latest favorite hobby I think!

Thanks for commenting! Hello!

23 01 2009

hey i am just now catching up on some blogs! i love your new revamped blog!!! looks wonderful πŸ™‚
have fun on your trip and the wineries!!!

23 01 2009

the french toast looks fantastic πŸ™‚
oh and i didnt get to comment on the previuos entry but that bit on how our brain uses the most energy etc was so interesting, thanks for posting it πŸ™‚
have a great night!

23 01 2009

Great eats today! Yummy french toast and dinner! Have fun on your wine tour this weekend!!!!

23 01 2009


23 01 2009

have so much fun on your trip! it sounds like an amazing time! love that fresh toast πŸ™‚

23 01 2009

It is so cool that Joy of Cooking is one of your textbooks!! I just got a copy as a wedding gift πŸ™‚
Enjoy your getaway!

23 01 2009

I love all your french toasts! Hungry Girl put out a recipe today that I want to try this weekend, I’ll let you know how it goes!

23 01 2009

Hey, could you tell me how you got your Archives to work??

25 01 2009
Raining on Sunday…(all meals 01/25/09) | Thinspired

[…] was inspired by Miss BHealthier to make some french toast for breakfast.  I made the mistake of using only one egg for three […]

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