Wednesday: Back to Reality

22 01 2009

No more playing in the snow, it is back to reality for many of us today!

4 mile Run, 1 mile Walk
Max Speed: 9.2 mph, for the last 0.5 mile of Mile 2, 3, 4
Time: ??? I was not in a good , focus my fury mood- rather the first two miles were rough, and the second two felt just as rough.  I tried every mantra I could- but ultimately I am happy that I ran period.

Class… It deserves its own post really- We covered Vitamin E and Vitamin C.

Basically we went over how Vitamin C  can undergo a reaction with nearly every free radical( a lipid peroxyl, hydrogen peroxide, hydroxyl, superoxide)  to make it a less damaging compound.

We went over why Vitamin C needs iron to be absorbed, the role and sources of Vitamin E, and how our bodies derive a system to regenerate antioxidants in order to continue using them to fight free radicals.

It was loooonnngg… The professor asked if anyone remembered one compound we discussed in nutrient metabolism last semester that basically taxi’s hydrogens – . I did and said NADPH a/or NADH+  and he was shocked and said” Brilliant, you can have… you can have my children”
?? kinda funny but kinda weird- anyway, I felt smart nonetheless. That NADPH helps regeneration by donating the hydrogen to a compound which can re-activate Vitamin C, and thus Vitamin E as well.

I am proud of myself for pushing through the run. My knee has been sore but not preventing me from running- if it hurt that badly I wouldn’t run. It just gets really sore afterwards. It’s bugging me- that is why it is in the soul section.

Jeff had to work late. Boo…However, he did get off yesterday and had a two hour delay today so I did sleep in with him. Also, he is taking a half day on friday so I’m not really upset he is late.

I LOVE tuesday night shows, Priviledged, 90210, the Biggest Loser, all the wedding shows on style channel, Law and Order… there are just always so many things to watch! It was nice to catch up this morning on everything I recorded!

I am really enjoying my new site~ Thanks to all the readers that are staying with me! I am hoping to finish my about page, and keep on improving the little things.




3 responses

22 01 2009

I love how you share your lessons with us…I’m getting quite an education too! thanks~ and you eat really well!

22 01 2009

lol what an odd thing for ur teacher to say, but well done for anwsering the question and making him happy 🙂
thats great you pushed through the run!
have a great relaxing night girlie
oh and love the new site!

22 01 2009

Great run! You should be proud of yourself! Interesting info on the Vitamin C. How smart you are! Have a great day!

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