Tuesday: The Day of Snow

22 01 2009

Tuesday was filled with snow- literally!

Random Snow Shots:
In Our Front Yard

1 BLOG 0271 BLOG 031 1 BLOG 025 1 BLOG 033
 1 BLOG 034

Neighborhood Trees

1 BLOG 016

We played outside with our next door neighbors. They have an adorable 3 yr old girl and we went sliding down the side streets of the neighborhood…

 1 BLOG 017

built a snowman

1 BLOG 011

and pulled each other around on Jeff’s boogie board! 1 BLOG 013

What fun! After lunch ( pineapple banana smoothie, frozen veggies heated up with some cheese: brussel sprouts, organic green beans, artichokes, spinach, bell pepper mix)

 1 BLOG 001

We headed over to Jeff’s parent’s , which is filled with woods and hills to carry on the fun snow activity. 1 BLOG 006

The live on that lake- all the way on the right ( you can’t see it- just imagine – its there)

1 BLOG 009

Here is our other snowmen- or rather-snowprincess
 1 BLOG 014

1 BLOG 015
Sung like Frosty The Snowman…
“Frostette The SnowGal
Was a very lovely girl
With a Purple hat and Icicle Nose
And a pipe between her toes… “

Dinner at Jeff’s parents. It was so nice to warm up by the fire with a glass of vino ( hands to cold for a photo sorry)

1 BLOG 017

Hot wing juice squirted into the corner of my eyeball… OUCH!!!That stung so badly but it was all fine after rinsing it out.

Rolled all over the streets making two snowmen, sledding, sliding, throwing snowballs, usual care-free snow day activities are TIRING!

Read more chapters yesterday evening for class while Jeff watched basketball..

It was like everyone’s birthday on the same day. We saw so many people that were just so absolutely friendly  pulling kiddos around in the snow, walking through the neighborhoods, sledding. Everyone had off school and most people ( even Jeff) got out of work as well- It never snows here so everyone had this friendly , care-free attitude that was contagious in the air. We were just so happy to have a day to play in the snow, to show kids that had never seen snow before what fun it can be, to kick back and spend time with the ones you love the most. 




2 responses

22 01 2009

Stunning snow!!

22 01 2009

Love your snow pics!

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