Steelers Sunday: Pittsburgh’s Goin to the Super Bowl!

19 01 2009

Watching the steelers game….

fingers crossed

Wooohoo,they won they won they won! Here we go Steeler’s Here We Go! I had such a busy time after I got back from my run, finding jack, getting ready and heading over to our friends for the Steeler’s vs. Ravens game- I left my camera charging at home.

Our friends made pepperoni bread from scratch ( one of the guys is italian) and it was delicious! They also had a veggie tray and we brought sun chips and sabra hummus. So I had some of all of that while watching the first half of the game!

A few of the others attending were Ravens’ fans but I had one fellow Steeler fan to cheer alongside! Jeff was neutral but leaned towards the Steelers because he loves me.

I AM SOOOO EXCITED! I told everyone the Steeler’s were going to win ( totally going on intuition and hope) but THEY DID!

What a fantastic way to start off the week, an amazing run and an amazing win! I am really looking foward to the romantic getaway this weekend too .




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19 01 2009

Congrats on your team’s win! I’m a Browns fan, so it’s tough to watch them go to the Super Bowl. Our team sucked this year, so I guess it’s okay! haha!

19 01 2009

ah i’m a ravens fan! crazy game! pepperoni bread sounds so good! and i love some sabra hummus!

19 01 2009

Homemade pepperoni bread?! Yes please!
Thank you for the smoothie ideas!

19 01 2009


19 01 2009

oh stupid cardinals ruined everything. an all PA superbowl would have been fun

19 01 2009

thats great your team won 🙂
homemade pepperoni bread sounds so yummy! have a great night hun

19 01 2009

Hi friend!!
No, no bones sticking out (yet…) but I really do hope it will get better ASAP! I miss running!!
In regard to the blog stats, its a WordPress Widget — maybe check the ones on blogger? Its a different platform so I am not sure. The cluster map, on the other hand, is just a copy and paste of HTML!
Leave me a message if you need more info, I would love to help!

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