**address update**

19 01 2009

I opened up a wordpress site but have not fixed it up completely. I liked how other people are able to have tabs at the top for recipes , about me page, etc. I think it will be a much more organizable site. I am not sure when it will be up and going just yet.

Has anyone made the switch from blogspot to wordpress? I would love any tips!

As many of you know my comment name is BHealthy… I started that because I don’t like to just reveal my name to anyone and because I truly feel that a main goal of mine for such a long time has just been to “Be Healthy”… whenever you are presented with a food choice or a life choice- just make the decision so that you can be healthy, whatever that means to you.

So since it will be my “second” site…. the address is https://bhealthier.wordpress.com

get it? Be Healthier …

However, there isn’t anything up there yet and I will need to workout details with Foodbuzz etc. Just an fyi to stay tuned so you know I will be switching addresses soon.




2 responses

20 01 2009

heyyyy- how exciting!

I also wanted to thank you for all the protein info! You’re the best

20 01 2009

Nice switch to wordpress! To be honest, I don’t even know how to do anything special with it. I would love some tips to make my blog better. Have a wonderful night!

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