…it comes in three’s ?

16 01 2009


2 mile walk with Jack… very chilllly and very poopy

Missy Mo’s Gym… “Cardio Sculpt Class”
– It was so great of Melissa to let me use her guest pass, I thought the first half of the class was fantastic! I really got sweaty, could feel my heart pumping and it is SO hard for a class to make me do that.

-The second half was all about using weights and “strength” exercises. I really didn’t like that part at all because it was like 50 reps of shoulder raises… well my shoulder was hurting after 20 and literally went to muscle failure. That is great, but I kept needed to rest for just a second because I literally couldn’t lift my arm (muscles failed!). And then, I stopped sweating because my muscles hurt and I began slipping on my form while still trying to go. It was like that for legs and triceps and quads. I didn’t feel like I got a great strength training workout because we were doing so many reps. And, I didn’t feel like I was getting any bit of a good cardio workout because we were just raising our arm up and down or our leg up and down.

– Despite ALL of that evaluation of the class details, I had a BLAST with Melissa! This gym has sooooo many things- we left the class and there was a spinning class finishing and getting ready to start! They have yoga, pilates, and all kinds of others. A track, A pool, oh my.

– I felt like I was in heaven.

Class today was Principles of Food- We had to read the first chapter of our text, Understanding Food, and we watched a video “food and culture”. The first chapter is very basic- what is involved in food selection and the food pyramids.

The food and culture film focused on a few specific ethnic groups that have specific food customs related to their history. The Makah Indians live in Washington state right at the bay of the pacific ocean. Historically, they survived on whale. They would go “whaling” and one killer whale would be able to feed their entire village because they used so much of that one animal. They also had traditional methods of preparing to go whaling and really felt as though it was a well-earned sacrifice. The Makah gave up 90% of their land in order to have a treaty with the US government allowing them to whale. When whales were endagered because of other whalers that were in it for the glory- their treaty essentially became null and they were not allowed to hunt it anymore.
This ban was lifted for the Makah in 1999 ( I believe, or 1990 it flashed in the movie quickly) they were allowed to whale hunt again, however in 2000 they were stopped again. The government needed to conduct more research.

It was very sad to watch them actually harpoon a whale, but at the same time, they were very honorable to that one life that would provide so much food and happiness to an entire village of people. It is hard to imagine people being upset about that one whale doing so much good but NOT care about how we kill millions of cows and caged chickens in this country every day and much of them go to waste. Anyone else’s thoughts?

I am hoping to post tomorrow some info about dietary guidelines, food pyramids and portions. I have to order a lab/chef coat too.


Is anyone else getting “over” Grey’s Anatomy?

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy it is on this evening and will watch it of course. However, it just doesn’t seem to be quite as crazy, great, funny, and sexy as it first did.

I really do feel quite at home when I am in a gym like Melissa’s today. I just love fitness and exercise and especially seeing others pumped up to do the same.
No class tomorrow! woohoo…

It come’s in 3’s… okay #1 Jeff’s car was t-boned and totalled… #2 the other day- someone backed up into Melissa’s van (his sister)- AND… #3 I found out today that Jeff’s brother-in-law, melissa’s husband was stopped at a light and the guy driving behind him wasn’t paying attention, never stopped and slammed right into the back of him!?! The kiddos were in the vehicle but luckily- EVERYONE is alright thank goodness. Geez…

It’s almost friday people! Any weekend plans?




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16 01 2009

Yikes!! Hang in there!!

16 01 2009

Glad you enjoyed the gym! Do they have any of the Les Mills programs there (Body Step, Body Pump, etc)? I think you would really like Body Attack- it involves a lot of running and high intensity moves!

16 01 2009

Hi again! I think we should just have daily emails at this point 🙂 I didn’t know you went to Penn State! How funny! Don’t stress about jack! Let me know how the vet goes…I bet he just cut his foot during one of his walks or something.

16 01 2009
Madison Song

i’ve never watched a full episode of grey’s so i wouldn’t know lol.

oh my so many accidents!! =/

just chilling, till sunday!

16 01 2009

Body: Sounds like a nice gym! Are you going to join? What is the gym like where you go to school?

Mind: That class sounds completely fascinating to me. One of my favorite topics is food culture. Will you learn about how the pyramaids/guidlines for different countries are choses?

Soul: I haven’t watched Grey’s in like 2 years. It’s been wack since Denny died.

16 01 2009

I am definitely getting over Grey’s…it’s just not that exciting lately!
That movie sounds really, really interesting. Is that Principles of Food class a good one in general?

16 01 2009

good luck with your sem. Veggie!

erica- i emailed you!

Heather- Check out my post today, and Denny IS BACK! He has been on this whole season so far- but I think he just left last night. I really liked him!

16 01 2009

I am very over Grey’s Anatomy. Sad, but it’s just not the same anymore.

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