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13 01 2009

My lovely, dear blogging friend Madison of  Follow My Weigh  tagged me for this little post…I do love to share stuff so here goes:

4 Favorite memories from 2008

1. Beach trips all summer

2. Starting graduate school

3. Jeff’s 30th birthday, fly fishing on the Deschutes River then his bro’s wedding

4. Running 8 miles in 58 minutes!!

4 favorite movies in 2008 (we dont go to movies often at all) :

1. Sex and The city- wait was that in 2008 or 2007 ?

2. Dark Knight

3. White Christmas , original with bing crosby -FANTASTIC!


4 favorite foods in 2008:

1. Nonfat Greek Yogurt, especially Chobani arrival in august!

2. Pumpkin Pie Breakfast For One

3. Smoothies

4. Banana and Peanut Butter

4 places I loved in 2008

1. Bend, Oregon

2. Chicago, IL

3. Wrightsville Beach, NC

4. Buffalo, NY

4 events I loved in 2008 (This reminds me of the next question and the 1st):

1.  Andrea and Nate’s Wedding/ beach trip

2. Kristen and Bruno’s Wedding/ trip to Niagra Falls NY!

3. Swayze and Jessie’s Wedding / Fantastic trip to Oregon for Jeff’s 30th Bday!

4. Trip to Chicago for my aunt’s , grandma’s, and cousin’s Birthday!


4 things I liked in 2008:

1.  Leaving work!

2.  I started blogging in August

3. Jeff’s 30th Birthday trip to Oregon included fly fishing and random driving to the timberline lodge, deschutes brewery, and his brother’s wedding topped off the trip!

4. I started graduate school for nutrition, finally!


4  Things I am Looking Forward to in 2009

  1. Romantic Getaway to the mountains in a few weeks
  2. Running – 1/2 Marathon for sure in November but I haven’t picked a full marathon yet. I was advised (orthopaedic) to just keep running and building distance and do it when I’m ready- instead of getting ready to run on a certain date.
  3. Friend’s Weddings: Kate and Teddy in Vermont, Corie and Kevin in Pittsburgh, Meredith and Greg here….
  4. Any surprises that may happen

Four People I tag (and more) :

Julz of Simple and Divine

M* of Strong AND Healthy

Aussirish of Healthy for Myself

Lee of SeeLeeLive

Erica of Itsy’s Kitchen

Maron of The Running Addict

and last but not least Sweet and Fit

* I just couldn’t manage only 4! I want to know so much about EVERYONE!  





6 responses

13 01 2009

Awesome 4’s! Have a great night!

13 01 2009

Ow fun! I love all four of your favorite foods! good pics! I have to remember to do this tomorrow! Thanks for tagging me šŸ˜‰

13 01 2009

Great meme!!

13 01 2009

your romantic getaway sounds wonderful! thanks so much for tagging me! you have no idea how much it means to me, I just started blogging as my new years resolution, and I cant believe I waited this long to finally start my own blog…its really addictive =) thanks again


13 01 2009

wow you’ve been to a lot of weddings! That is so great 8 miles n 58 minutes!!!incredible!
You have some wonderful things to look forward to this year girlie, have a great day šŸ™‚

13 01 2009

Lots of weddings in 08! Me too. None my own. šŸ™‚

I like how you left room for surprises!

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