Super Sales on Larabars and Arnold Sandwich Thins, Super Run, Super Day!

10 01 2009

Run and 20 min Yoga! I love this whole "intention and expectation" thing because I posted friday morning that a run and yoga is what I intended to do but this little part of my mind was telling me "what if you knee hurts? you are going to end up on the elliptical" . Well, I did end up on the elliptical- but only for a 10 minute cool down! This  time my total distance was 6 miles but I walked the first 0.8 or so to warm up – so I ran 5.2 miles. I wasn’t concerned with my time but I will tell you- I ran the fourth entire mile in 6 minutes and 30 seconds!!! I did half of it at 9.2 and then felt like I could keep going.
Honestly, I was reminding myself to just keep going because I have the strength to do so – I intended to accomplish and I expected myself to do it.

I got back from the gym and did my own session with my DVD music. I know the DVD off by heart by now and I go just a little bit faster so I like to get going on my own. For some odd reason, I did upward facing dog much more today than usual. I wonder if that means anything?

I didn’t get to reading today but I did get back to suduko and started to read through the latest American Dietetic Association Journal that came in my mail yesterday! I will try to post anything exciting!

My loans aren’t ready yet but no worries there, I didn’t get to the books but I did get back to a girl that was going to buy one of my previous books. I also looked for jeans for Jeff but didn’t find the ones I wanted.

I went to the grocery store so that I would be "stocked" up for this upcoming week of classes! Unfortunately when I came home I realized we are now out of laundry soap , (almost) toothpaste and (almost) toliet paper! Yikes!

Baked MORE!! Can you believe it? I feel like I am a baking machine lately! I will post separately because I finally got to do a version of Blondie’s that Veggie Girl inspired me and another Chocolate Chip Irish Cream Pound Cake because I had all the ingredients!

Grocery Store mini trip! I know its silly but I really feel much more happy when I have gone to the grocery store and know that I have lots of healthy ingredients for the week ahead to make! I think that is a great tip for those who are struggling with weight loss or eating healthier  – When you have a stocked kitchen of HEALTHY foods that you enjoy or know how to prepare, you will eat healthier! There will also be less worry and confusion of "oh no there’s nothing at home to make, I’ll go out to eat" since you have what you like at home. I was so excited to get GREAT deals!

Here is some of what I picked up:
1 BLOG 003 

So excited – Harris Teeter finally had Arnold Sandwich Thins ON SALE ! The also had all their lunch meat Buy 1 Get 2 Free!! I got four packs of sandwich meat and two packs of cheese for $8 ! I am not a HUGE sandwich fan, but they can be very handy as part of a quick meal. I also got:

  • Arnold Sandwhich Thins: Whole Grain White and Whole Wheat
  • huge bag of locally grown Kale
  • a big eggplant
  • Designer Whey Vanilla Protein Powder ( It was on sale too! I am pumped because I wasn’t liking the big bucket of stuff I got before)
  • Pecan Pie Larabar on sale – all larabars at Harris Teeter are $1 for this week!
  • Not pictured
    • Lunch Meat:
      • Honey Ham
      • Virgina Ham
      • Chicken Breast
      • Smoked Turkey
      • Colby Jack
      • Baby Swiss
    • Eggs
    • Newmans Own Fiber Bread- on sale too!
    • Organic Bananas
    • Grapefruit
    • Cream Cheese
    • Mini chocolate chips

Okay on to Lunch:

1 BLOG 001 

Grilled Organic Cage Free Chicken ( I had froze it from Trader Joes, grilled on the foreman)

Frozen Stir Fry Veggies with some reduced fat Feta

Sweet Potato Fries

Leftover Black Bean Soup ( it was better than the first time I tried it but really spicy!)

Snack pre-baking:
Toasted Kale- I ate all of that and it was delicious! Almost like popcorn- I just sprinkled some salt and put it in my toaster oven for a few minutes until it got brown and crispy.

1 BLOG 004


Dinner at Jeff’s Parents:
(his mom had found the sandwich thins and lunch meat etc. on super sale at Harris Teeter as well!)
Arnold 7 Grain Sandwich Thin, Deli Ham, Provolone, Mustard
Some Chips and his mom offered me a tomato again! Yum, Thanks!  
1 BLOG 015
I saw the baked beans after this, I had a spoonfull of them too.

A blue Moon
1 BLOG 012
A glass of wine

( I started a second glass but then gave it to Jeff because I couldn’t finish)
1 BLOG 013




2 responses

10 01 2009

I love those sandwich thins!!!!!!

10 01 2009

Yoga & Larabars!! Two elements of each day of my life đŸ™‚

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