Happy Friday!

9 01 2009

Its Friday!! 

Up early and Jack ran away when I was making Jeff a smoothie for breakfast! He is such a stinker! I used the new "Bella" mixer to make a single smoothie for Jeff. Let me tell you, Is this thing perfect for us or what!?! I LOVED IT! I put in frozen mango, frozen blueberries, banana, peanut butter, and protein powder with organic milk. I was very hesitant that this little guy would really crush up the frozen fruit- however- it blew me away! It made it SO well and SO fast. The best part is that I don’t always want a smoothie- so when I use the blender I have to clean out the blender AND the nasty cup that sat in jeff’s car all day at work. This saves 50% of that- I mix-in and give him the same cup so I only have to wash once thank goodness!
Thank you Bella Kitchen for making such a great product! Thank you Mom for handing it off to me!

1 BLOG 001

1 BLOG 002
Jeff finished his smoothie while he drove around and found Jack.

On to my breakfast..
Pepperidge Farm 7 Grain Light Style Bread toasted, with 3 egg whites and some hot sauce in sandwich form, Frozen blueberries and mango and some banana with pb. oh and cinnamon!

1 BLOG 003

The plan for today:

Run run run on the treadmill, its too cold outside today! Yoga after.. Look for the jeans for Jeff.. school stuff- see if my loan is ready, see if books are in, change around my schedule potentially…

* I am so glad to have any and all readers, those who comment and those who may not! I hold a special place for those that have been commenting for awhile and I am excited for new readers as well. This blog has given me so much back as a creative outlet, a hobby, a place to give my thoughts, a place to share my life and more. Thank you to each and every one of you that keeps up with my life, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. Hope your day and weekend are superb! *




9 responses

9 01 2009

i love your blog, its so cute 🙂
the smoothie sounds amazing!
yeah cleaning out those things are the worst part!
hope you havea great run!

9 01 2009

i’m thankful to have found your blog! You are really creative with your meals, and I love how you address the body/mind/soul…. truly shows how health is more than skin-deep

9 01 2009
Simple and Divine

What a stinker, indeed! Buddha looooves to run away… Little shit.
Love Y0U!

9 01 2009

The smoothies sounds good. I’ve never seen that bella blender before. It kind of looks like a magic bullet.

9 01 2009


9 01 2009

new to blogging, and love your blog! 🙂 it is always so uplifting!

9 01 2009

hi again aussirish! this thing was super easy to clean too! Its fantastic!

Sweetandfit- I truly believe in balancing my whole self in order to keep myself healthy. I struggled in the past with it so much and I find now that this blog helps me remember to fufill all areas of my life!

Juls- love you back! I can’t believe your Buddha loves to run away same as Jack – I bet they are long lost soul mates trying to find each other and bring us together! haha

Hangry Heather: It was very much the magic bullet but I don’t know if it is a knock off or not- It worked so well! In the store I saw they were roughly the same price so? I loved it!

TGIF VeggieGirl!! Enjoying your break?

DailyGoods: WELCOME!! I always get excited to get comments from anyone. I appreciate your kind words so very much, glad I could be uplifting! Happy Weekend!

9 01 2009

that mixer seems super neat & easy to use!

have a great friday!

10 01 2009

That little blender looks amazing! So funny that your dog ran away, mine hates the vacuum:)

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