Greetings from the Parents

6 01 2009

Jeff and I both woke up very early , he packed and left for his trip. I packed and headed out with jack-brown-town-pants-dog to my parents. We call Jack all kinds of nicknames.. Jackson Brown, Brown Dog, Jack Brown Dog, and the latest Jeff started "Brown Pants".  I like my new one the best (jack-brown-town-pants-dog) though.

YMCA with the parents- their gym got a whole bunch of new cardio machines! My mom and I worked out on two new machines that are a combination of an arc trainer, an elliptical, and stair climber and gazelle all in one- with a personal TV on each one! IHas anyone tried these ? I had crazy fun figuring it out, it was rather confusing to figure out how to move your legs and arms. The legs are almost freely moving so you can move in an elliptical motion with arms, or more of a kick type like a gazelle, or you can "step" almost as if you were hopping up stairs. We were on it for about an hour, chatting and watching designed to sell.
We also did a few minutes on the treadmills and then on the new bikes as well, they have tv’s as well that are "road" screens. It was cool to look at the screen as if you were really riding a bike on the road.

I brought my book with me and am looking forward to reading a few hours before bed!

At the parents, beach shopping tomorrow, and Jack loves the fields here at my parents.
My mom and dad love having Jack here- they had gotten him milk-bone treats, two chewy bones and a soft squeaky toy. He is thrilled beyond belief! He is also following them around at their ankles! They love it- they spoil their grandpuppy.  

Jeff is safely arrived after a delayed flight and luckily the weather there isn’t too cold.

My mom and I are planning on baking a Chocolate Irish Cream Cheesecake, B-healthy style of course and how delicious, after the beach tomorrow. Hopefully I can wake up early for a run before we leave!

Christmas 2008 002
Pumpkin Egg White French Toast with blueberries, tons of cinnamon, nonfat greek yogurt and smucker’s all natural peanut butter.

On the way to my parents I had half of an Apricot Bumble Bar- I couldn’t chance taking a pic while driving but OH MY GOODNESS!!! It was DELICIOUS! HangryPants Heather – i know you snagged some samples too- I feel you must try this one- This one was even better than the lemon for me!  I will do a full review tomorrow esp. since the bumblebar people were nice enough to send 12 different samples! That reminds me, I gave my info to a Larabar rep that offered to send me goodies and they have not sent anything? It was in October, should I be concerned?

Christmas 2008 003

Organic Baby Greens with a Turkey and Swiss Sammy and Organic Goddess Dressing , Tomato Slice.


I had the turkey as a sammy on a slice of Arnold All Natural bread my mom had just got..

Christmas 2008 004 

there it is..


We stopped at the grocery store and I immediately saw this Sabra Hummus-My absolute favorite is this one with the roasted pine nuts. You can see the oil too but its deliciously healthy oil!  I grabbed a bag of fresh cut veggies and the hummus to have before dinner- I had lots…and lots- hmm so good

Christmas 2008 005

Entree Stir Fry : fresh yellow and green pepper, onion, broccoli, water chestnuts, carrots, cauliflower sauteed with chicken and some splashes of soy sauce. My mom also added some pomegranate juice and brown sugar .

Christmas 2008 008

Christmas 2008 007

Christmas 2008 009
I added some baby greens and dressing .. and a little tablespoon-ish of rice. I have never been a big rice fan at all, too starchy for my liking.  I would say it had to do with it’s low nutritional value but that isn’t really why. Even though white rice offers mostly just simple carbohydrates, a meal with this many vegetables doesn’t necessarily need a big source of fiber via the rice. And well, I just don’t care for it much!

I am sure I will have dessert of some sort, my family has big sweet teeth ( haha I read that to myself and have never heard that before).




3 responses

6 01 2009

I love traveling to my parents with the dog! Its like their temporary grand child! I am getting some bumble samples and I cannot wait. I think we’re going to love them!

6 01 2009

Great eats!!

Keep enjoying yourself at the family’s!! 🙂

7 01 2009
seeleelive (for the love of peanut butter)

i just tried my first bumble bar in chocolate crisp today. i had a bite and disliked it & almost threw it away but i decided to give it another chance (and i was too hungry) and i finished it. i loved the seedy texture but the flavor was off to me. anyways, i wanted to know how u made that pumpkin egg french toast. i like ur blog and ur healthy eating..i wnt to be an RD one day too!

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