Weekend Wrap Up: Scaldis, Starbucks and Lilly’s

5 01 2009

* sorry yall, brownie posting will have to wait till tomorrow- we got caught up with car shopping etc. so I wasn’t home to make them*

I know I took the "day off" yesterday  but here is one of my drinks from the evening ( our friends came back in town and Jeff’s parents came out- I love all of them dearly and it was such a great evening! ). This beer is a Belgian Ale that is 12% alcohol! It cost $9 and you get this fancy schmancy glass to pour it into. Absolutely delicious and totally worth it! I gave everyone samples that wanted to try it and yes after quite some time, I ordered a second! 🙂 If you like strong microbrews and wheat beers- you would love it! Just watch out, its 12% which is about 3 times the alcohol content of miller lite/budweiser etc.

Christmas 2008 007

Sunday Morning Breakfast:
Pumpkin Oats with Nonfat Greek Yogurt Mango and Blueberries and Smuckers All Natural Peanut Butter.

Christmas 2008 013

Jeff and I grabbed a couple of groceries and I realized I have not had any starbucks coffee in SO long- I actually don’t remember but I would take a good estimate at 6 months at least. It was bittersweet because I saw someone else’s blog that had gotten one and the holiday cups were already gone. Well, apparently they haven’t gotten rid of them here… I had a grande of the drip coffee with a few shakes of vanilla.
Christmas 2008 027 
The SUV we were interested in arrived so we test drove it this afternoon. Unfortunately- the leather upholstery was in AWFUL condition and the engine sounded bad when Jeff accelerated. The weirdest thing is that it was only supposed to have 14,000 miles on it. For a 2005, that means the people drove it less than 5 miles/year. We test drove a 2004 with 50,000 miles a few days ago (same vehicle with leather) and the upholstery was WORLDS better. It gave us both a creepy feeling because there just can’t be any way it only had 14,000 miles in the condition those seats were in, there were stains in several places, the stitching was yellowed, and Jeff was pretty sure he saw ash and tar residue from smokers.  It was at carmax which only sells nice-condition used cars- but I was not happy at all. Needless to say, the vehicle search for Jeff continues. Thankfully we have truly wonderful friends and family that are letting Jeff borrow their extra vehicle during this temporary search period. Jeff and I are heading out of town separately for a few days ( me to my parents and he is on business)- so the search will resume soon. Fortunately, Jeff and I have just such an amazing fun time together and enjoyed our day endlessly.

After we walked out of Carmax we stopped at several dealerships on the way home but didn’t find anything. We grew hungry and Jeff remembered this place he went to in college. He said I would love it- he was right- IT WAS AWESOME! plus, Lilly’s (lillies) are my favorite flower!

Christmas 2008 020

It is this hip pizza joint but they offer a GAZILLION healthy and "unhealthy" pizza toppings, by the slice, whole pizzas, calzones, stromboli, pasta , Salads, Vegetarian and Vegan Options, and "Snacks". Jeff said this menu description should totally be "my mantra"…

   " Oversized containers of Organic Greens and Vegetables, served with your choice of homemade dressings on the side"

Christmas 2008 021 

My mom says I have ordered everything "on the side" pretty much since I could talk. Jeff knows this and always reminds the server for me, which I love. He also knows that I am always saying " that is not enough vegetables" and I try to buy organic as much as possible. So I ordered the Black Bean Soup (halfway down the photo)

Christmas 2008 023

It was huge! and very spicy! Jeff loved it, this is my second time trying black bean soup and I think maybe I just don’t like black bean soup in general- I only had a few bites…

Christmas 2008 025

Thankfully, I was already full from the salad I ordered, the Red Hot Rooster

Christmas 2008 022

 Christmas 2008 024
There are two homemade pizza dough croutons on either side of the tomato- seriously- I hate croutons but these babys were soft chewey dough that were warm and fluffy. The chicken was not heavily coated in barbeque sauce either, which I love! It was incredibly tender and juicy with a smokey/tangy flavor. I only wish I could have somehow spread out what was underneath better- roasted pecans , jack cheese and organic mixed greens. I ate almost all of it minus some cheese and onion slices. I had the lemon tahini dressing, on the side, and it was very similar to goddess dressing but zestier from the citrus. The chicken and pecans had such great flavoring enough for the rest of the salad so I barely ate any of the dressing anyway.

FANTASTIC! I would highly recommend this place to any and all. Jeff and I already agreed it will be a great option if we want to pick up dinner on the way home from work/class. He got the Pig-a-Poke Calzone ( shrimp, pepperoni, proscuitto, cheeses and marinara in their homemade dough).
Christmas 2008 026

Thank you everyone for all your sweet comments and support. I couldn’t find my camera at first and then I remembered but didn’t feel like going to get it, then the battery needed recharged, etc etc. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


Rest/ Walked around a bunch of car lots in the cold! I am heading to my parents tomorrow and debating whether to run in the morning and then make the drive or make the drive and run in the afternoon. Either way, my saturday "felt" like a rest day even though I did go to the gym. I did the elliptical for 35 minutes and biked for 10 minutes. After the 17 miles I ran total this week, a short ellipticizing bout on saturday and a walk on sunday leave me excited for a sweaty, rough workout tomorrow.

My eyes are sore from looking up vehicles online!

jeff took me out on a date…

I am heading to see my mom and dad for a few days and excited to shop out at the beach…

Jeff and I had another wonderful day. He was very loveable and huggable and sweet today. He is everyday really so I always feel lucky. Today was just especially cute because while looking at vehicles, he kept reaching out to hold my hand, he asked to give me a piggy back ride, he kept sneaking in ways to  "give me some luvin" like a hug or whatever. We spent almost the whole day laughing and smiling.

Just what I needed.





5 responses

5 01 2009

Lovely Sunday morning breakfast!!

5 01 2009

That stuff with the car sound very suspicious, like they changed the odometer.

Everything at Lily’s looks delicious!

5 01 2009
Madison Song

ooh wow everything looks so good. that is so sweet jeff reminds the server about the “everything on the side” =).

and wow 6 months with no starbucks!! glad they still had the holiday cups for you =)

5 01 2009

oh no! I’m sorry the SUV didn’t work out. Sounds like something shady was going on with that car. What a run little restaurant you went to.

5 01 2009
Joie de vivre

What a great day!

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