Intention and Expectation

31 12 2008


WOW- I did 7.75 miles total!

I ran 6.5 of that at a steady pace of 8:34 for the first 3.25 then at a steady 7:47 for the last 3.25! It felt like I was floating the whole time! I read a magazine during my 1 mile warm up walk and then just… RAN! Visualize lady on the bus stop bench from Forrest Gump " so You just Raaaaaaan !?"

I read this article in that magazine while warming up about how positive thinking really influences your behavior and why "saying so" means that it will become a reality. It goes on about "Intention and Expectation". 

This reminds me of how I type on here my "plan" for the day, or my list of what I intended for my body.mind.soul.  That is my "intention" and that intention helps give me the determination to act. After I have the determination to actually do "it", there is a level of "expectation" left by imaginary readers, real readers and myself to accomplish that intention.

I wrote the other day how writing out these plans seem to make me really accomplish most of what I intended, it was pretty darn cool to read an article affirming just that!

It also mentioned how you can use positive thinking to influence all areas of your life, such as "I will eat healthy today" to improve dietary habits, or "we will get along for this project" with co workers or " I will get that promotion" to help you get ahead at work. I think it could just work for relationships too…

"Jeff and I will get married, Jeff and I will get married, Jeff and I will get married…"

– well it’s not instantaneous, but you get the idea!

Off to shower with my new stash of Victoria’s Secret Body Wash and lotions! Thanks Momma Mo and Melissa!

Then its off to return another shirt I got Jeff, and see if I can find a replacement. Who ever thought guys were picky about clothes?

Steamed Veggie Salad: romaine, carrots, snap peas, bean sprouts, broccoli, asparagus, red pepper, squash, cauliflower
Christmas 2008 010

you can really see the steam i guess!
Christmas 2008 006

The salad base before I put on all the steamed veggies- I forgot i had reduced fat

feta too

 Christmas 2008 009
Leftover chicken breast- made intentionally for lunch last night- does that still mean its "leftover" if it had the intention for another meal?
Whole wheat wrap

Scrub a dub dub




3 responses

31 12 2008

Not a leftover – nope!

So, amazing run!!!!! Doesn’t it just feel wonderful?

Oh and mark is so picky about his clothes!!!!

31 12 2008

WOW! Great job on the mileage and even more so on the speed! That is just incredible! I really want to work on running- I need to find a running buddy!! Have a wonderful New Years 😉

1 01 2009
Madison Song

7.75 miles!! so impressive!!
hope you had a wonderful new years!! =)


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