The Day After Christmas…

28 12 2008

was just as event-filled, gift-filled, family-filled day as the past two!

My mom and I ran out to grab some things (which I can’t exactly reveal since my siblings read – I don’t want to spoil gifts). We left early in the morning- My grab and go breakfast was a slice of my pumpkin carrot bread ( sooo delicious) with natural peanut butter, half a banana, a cottage cheese single and a piece of cranberry meringue. (unpictured black coffee)
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Off to shop
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which was SO much fun! We got back much later than expected and were hungry for lunch as soon as we got in…

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Lunch: Egg whites with leftover stuffing, green beans, and a little provolone…

After lunch, Jeff and I went to the dealerships in town to test drive a couple trucks he is considering. After test-driving, we met up with my mom at her gym. My brother got in around dinner time, then it was more present exchanging!

Circuit Training with Jeff… Strength: shoulders ( sooo tough, press and extensions combo) (with jumping jacks), chest (dumbell press) ( with roman chair lifts), biceps ( curls) ( with side to side bends), leg presses. Cardio: Treadmill and Elliptical 20 minutes.

oh my the shopping deals, the truck test driving and number crunching, I typed up my christmas day post and I had to help bake a cake for my dad’s birthday.

I love getting to see my family, and working out with jeff is so fun when do the circuits when we lift one muscle group, the other person does a cardio type thing (i.e jumping jacks). I think we help each other stay strong and finish out.

I helped pick out part of my sister’s present and both of my brother’s girlfriends’ presents- If you ladies read, I hope you like them as much as I did!!

Lasagna- mmm one of my most favorite things my mom makes
Salad ( Jeff made it out of bell peppers, tomato, and mixed greens – all organic)- IT was GREAT!

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My plate:
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with a glass of red wine, a piece of garlic bread and “Momma Mouse” . My mom made this from scratch, how many christmass’s ago, about 15 ? Isn’t she darling!?




3 responses

28 12 2008

Wonderful!! Love the “Mama Mouse” 🙂

28 12 2008

My mom made lasanga too! Aren’t mom’s wonderful?! Glad you had a great Christmas!!!

29 12 2008

that is a good lookin’ dinner

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