Christmas Day Recap

27 12 2008

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Santa Came to Momma Mo and Preston’s! Jack was ecstatic to be disguised as a present. Well, keep reading…

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We opened half of our gifts, then took a break for breakfast. Jeff’s Parents spoiled us rotten… ROTTEN! I feel incredibly lucky to have two wonderful families in my life. Thank you for everything!! We love you!

Fruit Salad ( grapes, marshmallows, mandarin orange, blueberries, coconut, sour cream AND Breakfast Casserole- It was made via Crockpot with layers of hash browns, cheese, eggs, peppers, onions,

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Christmas Late Lunch, after we had finished opening presents, figuring out how everything works, trying on etc. etc. Showered, ya know the basics.
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Tangerine, Pickle, Newmans Own Double Fiber Bun filled with turkey, a little mustard and a little sweet potato ( extra on the side).
And the most delicious brownie….

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After we packed up the car, Jack decided to run away from Jeff’s Parents. We looked for him but then decided he would show up after he was done fishing in the lake. Jeff’s family was so nice to offer to keep looking for him and bathe him when he decided to come home and watch him for the rest of the weekend so we could make it to my parents for Christmas Dinner.  (this is not a first for jack, we miss him but i bet he misses us just as much).

My parents tree- they always put cards on it- Do any of you have that tradition as well?

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Christmas Dinner ( we do a "thanksgiving" because its just so good- turkey, a half a small sweet potato, stuffing, green beans and gravy…1 BLOG 008

Wine by the Fire

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Sampling of a few of My mom’s cookies…
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A cranberry meringue tart, a seven layer bar, a piece of peanut butter fudge

Oh it was a fun-filled, gift-filled, event-filled Christmas Day! We had a lovely evening by the fire chatting but we were so exhausted that we fell asleep fairly early.

Body: Much needed rest day

Mind: drove to the parents, searched for jack..

Soul: we miss jack, but luckily halfway through our drive Jeff’s sister called and Jack was sitting on their doorstep covered in fish smell. Yuck!

Jeff surprised me with a gift… I can’t say now because if sister reads, she will know. It was SOOOOOO SWEET! No worries, it will be on here. Jeff is the best.




4 responses

27 12 2008

Faaaabulous presents, food, and family!!

27 12 2008
Madison Song

can’t wait to see what Jeff’s gift was! And I like the idea of going thanksgiving on Christmas!! 😀
and Jack looks so cute :).


28 12 2008

Thanks Veggiegirl! it was! hope yours was just as fab

Thanks Mads! It was all fantastic!

28 12 2008

Glad yiu had a great Christmas. I’ve seen people put cards in the tree, but my family doesn’t do it.

Your Christmas dinner looks much healthier than mine!

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