French Toast Breakfast Tree on Christmas Eve

23 12 2008

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It’s Christmas Eve! Hooray!
French Toast Breakfast Tree:

Peanut Butter Trunk, Pumpkin Egg White French Toast Tree… (pumpkin, egg whites, splash of milk, splash vanilla extract, dash of cinnamon)
decorated with blueberry bells, cherry balls, flaxseeds and pineapple topper.

Short Run with Jack (20 minutes around the neighborhood hills). It was such a warm christmas eve! I think the high was 68*. It is so weird to have grown up in freezing weather and snow, literally snow from October-April ….and to now have winter temps of 68* and higher!. I had lunch plans that didn’t work out, so when that happened, I realized I could get the “real” cardio I had been hoping for at the Gym. I was hoping to get in that red face, dripping sweat cardio because I know I will be resting christmas day, driving and above all, would rather enjoy opening presents and family time than be out on an hour long run! So, my cardio turned into an amazing 4.5 mile run/sprint… I ran for two minutes straight at 9.0 (a 6:40 min. mile) and the rest at 8.0 ( about a 7 minute mile). Phew.. so my total running mileage today was 6.5 miles!

Tired, need to wrap gifts! 4 hours of sleep last night is just not going to cut it!

Its Christmas eve!! dinner at Momma Mo’s tonight is Tur-Duck-en. Family time tonight, tomorrow and all weekend. oh and presents are certainly wonderful ( both to give and to get šŸ™‚ )

Santa is on his way kiddos… I am going to be checking in but probably not posting much until at least tomorrow or friday!
Merry Christmas to All if I don’t see you , hear from you, or comment with you!




7 responses

24 12 2008

French toast = holy yum.

Yoga = my daily indulgence.

Have fun at the party tonight!!

24 12 2008

i love the oatmeal – it looks so good.
aww christmas decorations!!

24 12 2008

Have fun at dinner. I (shocking I know) hate the smell of poo too! I try my hardest not to have to smell that junk every time I take Frank out haha. Sounds like you got a great workout in.

24 12 2008

haha – yes, i hate the smell of dog poo, too!

24 12 2008

nice. what level sudoku do you play?

24 12 2008
Madison Song

That french toast looks good…

Merry Christmas Eve Eve šŸ™‚


24 12 2008

i love french toast!!
yours looks delicious!

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