Pumpkin French Toast with Warm Fruit "Compote" and Yogurt * Updated*

22 12 2008

The "compote" is in quotes because technically a fruit compote begins with a simple syrup of water and sugar, cooked with vanilla or liquor then fruit is added etc etc. The efficient B-Healthy (that’s me f.y.i) is all "Why add sugar to something that is sweet already?" so I just heat up frozen unsweetened fruits most of the time. Their juices release and it essentially is a less sugar, more natural version of fruit compote.

I didn’t know what I wanted for breakfast but started to make the base for pumpkin pie for one with 1/4 c pumpkin and 1/2 c egg whites. I mixed it really well and saw the loaf of bread that I’d like to finish by Wednesday so it does not go to waste during our holiday travels. A light bulb went off in my head when I saw the bread, I thought, "I will just dip toast into this and make Pumpkin French Toast!"

My pumpkin "batter" was already in my "single pie dish" so I had to slice up the bread for it to fit in there. I like slicing it up before cooking it because the pieces get coated with more batter and it’s easier to eat at the end- no need to cut! If you had kids you could use cookie cutters and make shapes like Dinosaurs or Trees! I put Oikos Greek Nonfat Organic Yogurt on top, and I heated up frozen peaches, strawberries, pineapple and cherries for the Fruit Compote.

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Here is the plan for today ( and usually when I say that, I actually stick to it hence why I say it!)


Run. I told my knee and toes to not bother me today but it didn’t quite work. I ran 5 miles total, but my knees and toes were bugging me after mile 3. I walked a little (.5 mile total) and finished up the 5 miles.


I am still going to go out and look for a job. I’m not sure if I will get crazy looks or find something but I guess I can’t give up right?
Cookie Recipe Reading
Eat Pray Love Reading

more cookie baking.. upcoming: Chocolate Bourbon Balls and Toffee Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies



I like to be prepared for sleeping away from home 5 nights+ and at 4 different places! So this includes writing out on a piece of paper the activities I need clothing for.. i.e run, beach, shopping, dinner, sleeping, fishing etc. and the days I need them. That way I can formulate the outfit on paper and pack accordingly. I never ever did this until Jeff suggested something like it. I have so much clothing for so many different purposes…i.e my dry fit Nike turtleneck for wicking sweat in 38 * , or my warm up pants for fishing… etc. Its hard to just throw something in a bag when you know you are going to do completely different things at 4 different places! I highly suggest this if you have a hard time packing the right things. I know it seems silly to write down " Wednesday: fishing, lunch out, run, dinner, sleep. Thursday: run, shopping…" you get the idea.

With airlines charging for bags and trying to fit everything in your suitcase, I don’t think those convertible wraps that were on The Today Show this past week that turn into yoga outfits and turn into a dress and then into a top – work well for anyone going away for more than 2 days in cold weather! Writing out what you really will be doing while away helps you write down what you really need to wear– and thus bring with you– instead of throwing in your favorite outfit ( that isn’t suitable for say a run or the beach or shopping!).

That is my monday! Hope all of you have a wonderful happy monday, it’s a short work week for most so that is great starting thought!! Is anyone travelling all over for the whole week ?




7 responses

22 12 2008

Perfect start to you day – yum!!

Good luck with your Monday!!

22 12 2008

Breakfast looks divine! I wish I would’ve waited to read blogs before I ate mine… I would’ve copied you πŸ™‚

Enjoy your Monday and the Eat, Pray, Love reading part especially, I love that book.

22 12 2008

Oh…wow. And to think that I couldn’t imagine of a way to make French toast even better! πŸ˜‰

23 12 2008

I am the same way when I travel- I totally plan out my packing, etc. That creation looks absolutely incredible. I hope you enjoyed every bite!

23 12 2008
Madison Song

Thats awesome when you write out a plan you stick to it. Haha that rarely happens for me!!

23 12 2008

Thanks yall!
It was divine, delish, and I am totally having it again tomorrow!

26 06 2009
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[…] french toast because I hate carrots ( Sorry Carrots) and usually eat foods lower in Beta-Carotene. Check out my frist trial of Pumpkin French Toast…way back in December of this past year. I actually was going to make a “pumpkin pie for breakfast” […]

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