New Look

21 12 2008

Hey yall! Like my new look? I found this layout using the link I found at VeggieGirl’s blog.

Saturday Recap:

* update* Body:
Gym- circuit cardio
7 minutes on the treadmill (1 mile)
7 minutes on the stepmill (oh yes I tried it again )
7 minutes on the elliptical
7 minutes on the stat bike (3.5 miles)
7 minutes treadmill (1 mile)
5 minutes cool down elliptical

It was fun, kept me excited and pumped up.

no video because we were running around until evening

We ran some shopping errands, went to the gym, then got back and Jeff made me lunch!!! It was soooo delicious too!
1 BLOG 003
He made salad with organic baby greans, organic fresh cut veggies and purple cabbage and then pan cooked chicken breasts. He used hot sauce, red pepper flakes, and a little worchestire. DELCIOUS! He also gave me two pickle slices because I had wanted to eat my dad’s pickle friday night. I topped mine with a little goddess dressing.

We were immediately off to his alum’s football practice.

1 BLOG 010

That’s the head coach in the red floppy hat. They opened it to the public since they are prepping for a bowl game. His nephew, brother and stepdad met us there. It was raining and chilly and windy but it was alot of fun, especially when we all got to go on the field and talk with the players. his nephew was TRHILLED!

Whole wheat linguini with tomato sauce ( i used tomatoes in basil and oregano, leftover marinara, leftover sicilian sauce* and some chopped olives, a teaspoon of olive oil).
1 BLOG 013

1 BLOG 014
I forgot I had organic spicy bean sprouts, AND hearts of palm ( that white thing on the left, they taste like a mild artichoke) so I used them, and then all the same salad ingredients from lunch for my salad ( minus chicken).
1 BLOG 011
My battery died but later in the evening I had a small glass of reisling.




3 responses

21 12 2008

LOOOVE the new look, for sure!!

So nice that Jeff’s nephew was thrilled πŸ™‚

21 12 2008

im really jealous your studing to be an R.D πŸ˜‰ I would LOVE to be one later in life

dinner looks great!

21 12 2008

hi teenageveggiehead!!! thanks for your comment! no need to be jealous!! you can totally do it too! I would recommend majoring in nutrition in undergrad – or at least making sure you take all the core courses for RD certification/graduate level study. I am still “catching up” on a few of hte requirements while also doing grad work.

Happy Weekend!

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