French Toast with Warm Peaches, Strawberries and Cherries

20 12 2008

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Egg White French Toast, I used the leftover batter for scrambled eggs (mostly whites) and frozen Peaches, Strawberries and cherries (heated up in a separate bowl). I used cage-free born free eggs and Newman’s Own Double Fiber Bread-

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Jeff and I had the exact same plate. I am usually not as hungry as he is but this morning I totally was!


I might go for a run or the gym but I also might do a new DVD I got- I am SOOO EXCITED to try it.

I saw the Cardio Pilates Danielle at Around The World mentioned the other day. I was so close to buying it when I saw Dancing with The Stars Cardio next to it- You learn the Mamba, ChaCha, Meringe & Salsa. I decided on the Dancing with The Stars and I will get the Cadio Pilates in January maybe when I get some more $$$.

I have been really wanting to get a new dvd for home…. just because sometimes I like to get in a workout here but NOT have to drive out to the gym and back.

I will for sure let you know how it is!


Reading more of my never-ending book that I really enjoy. Sigh.

… we have some plans to go shopping for his family, and stop in to see his neice and nephew run around the football field at Jeff’s alum. stadium.

I slept in… and needed it! My muscles needed it from this week of circuit training with Jeff. ( We did jumping jacks, crunches, or side to sides whenever the other one was lifting the weight- it was a great workout- we were always going!) The reason why I mention it here is because I am so happy that Jeff and I spent time together in that way this week. I know how much Jeff wanted to get back into exercising, so it makes me happy that he is happier.




4 responses

20 12 2008
Madison Song

yum that french toast looks so good!! And woohoo for sleeping in!! 😀

Your frosting recipes worked out perfectly!! Thanks so much for them! I may have to try the pig pickin cake one day too =)

20 12 2008

Delish breakfast.

I OWN THAT SAME DVD!! Looove it 🙂

21 12 2008

Glad you got to sleep in today! That French Toast looks just wonderful! A side of fruit makes every meal better!

21 12 2008

after seeing this you inspired me to make french toast for breakfast 🙂

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