Sicilian Bacon Cheddar Pizza, Whole Wheat

19 12 2008

Pizza #1 … it got a little crispy but it was still delicious

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Pizza #2..Much better

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The pizza:
whole wheat dough from trader joes, sicilian sauce ( made earlier this week ), bacon crumbles, reduced fat mexican cheddar. Both were gone in about 2 minutes. Glad you loved it Jeff and Andrea !

I had this and then another slice of the #2

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Chicken Salad leftover and a slice of #1

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Run 4.5 miles, 36 minutes total- before lunch ( elliptical while reading a magazine in the evening- 20 minutes)

then … I went back to the gym in the evening to meet Jeff and so strength training. I swear , we make such a great team!! I have so much fun- we lifted shoulders (flyes, side extensions?), biceps (hammer curls), triceps (kickbacks, dips), abs, chest (incline). Time: 1 hr !


no job yet… im struggling.. two places were no longer hiring. not sure what to do yet. suduko.


I did mine and jeff’s laundry and ironed everything- i never iron.

My mom is coming to town tomorrow ! WOOOOOHOOOO!! I can’t wait, so excited to go christmas shopping with her all day!

I found a TON of christmas presents today-

Andrea came over to share in the pizza-ing. She is one of my most favorite people, I ❤ her dearly

And… I will leave you all with the best soul filling experience of the day,

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love our brown-dog Jack…




4 responses

19 12 2008

Mmm, crispy!!

You and Jeff DO make a great team.

Love Jack!! 🙂

19 12 2008

Jack is a cutie 😉 Sounds like you had a fabulous workout! I love whole wheat pizza dough! I can’t wait to get my mixer back so I can make my own! We had fake pizza tonight 😉

19 12 2008

Your dog is too cute!

I love TJ’s pizza dough! Both of your pizzas look delicious!

Have a great Holiday!

19 12 2008

the pizza looks excellent! Have fun with your mom!

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